Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nokia N8 - Flagship phone of nokia for 2010

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N8 is an upcoming Symbian^3 phone from nokia.

Here are the specs:


    Thinner and lighter than n97 without sacrificing screen estate, this will be easy to put and pull on our pockets. Beware of the "ipit modus operandi" on our city buses, it will be a lot easier for them to get this phone out of your pockets because of its curved shape.

    Keys and input methods

       Lesser number of physical keys, the call and cancel button are removed. Nokia might thought about the call and cancel button not really being used all the time so they place this functionality instead on the screen when a call is place or accepted. Slide up QWERTY keys is not to be found, instead user can use the onscreen qwerty keyboard. I'm not sure if it will be easy to type long paragraphs but let's see (with the aid of the capacitive touchscreen).


      Anodized aluminum unibody shell makes the n8 appear expensive but lightweight. I just hope that the color doesnt fade unlike my n97's aluminum sidings.


        Customizable home screens and widgets(i removed them to save battery life) have no use for me but its a great way for people to profile their homescreen. As always, nokia phones have been a very great phone for personalization, a problem you will usually encounter if you use iPhone or other mobile OS.


          I dont know the exact reason why nokia is still not bumping its handset's processor to 1ghz considering that many manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung have been producing phones on 1ghz, my hunch would be
          1. nokia knows that 680 mhz processors are more than enough for mobile phones , and with the help of a dedicated graphics hw accelerator the processor wont be used much of the time when it comes to gaming and video playback.
          2. To save battery life.
          It is known that N8 will have a 16gb internal memory and larger RAM (256mb, n97 has 188mb) - but it is rumored that a 32gb version will also be available.

          with its new dedicated graphics accelerator , I think gaming will gain a traction on symbian devices.

          3D gaming on Nokia N8 -

          Greatest Feature

          The most obvious and greatest feature of N8 is its 12 megapixel camera. So whats so special with its 12 mp camera when there are many phones with more than 12mp of camera? It is the image sensor size (which apparently is larger than most of the digital cameras currently available) with Carl Zeiss lens. Able to take 4000x3000 pixels of pictures and shoot hd videos. I personally dont understand this sensor size and other  camera related stuff so just hit the links below to understand more.

          how large is-the nokia n8 12 megapixel large image sensor -

          Bound for shipment and Q3 of 2010 at the price of $499 (around Php 25,000.00) - not sure when it will come to our shores but its definitely cheaper than n97's introduction price of $699.

          For everyone's information, i just recently lost an n97 and this phone will surely be the "most perfect" next phone for me. I'm still thinking of getting the green or the silver one , help me decide by posting a comment below.