Saturday, October 30, 2010

Don't buy your phones from Nokia store greenbelt 1

My phone has 1 dead pixel on top (which is not noticeable unless you have bright colored wall paper). 

If you demand for replacement, they will try to replace you phone with used phone - claiming its brand new even though the phone has no plastic cover and pre-loaded movies and and photos. I asked for other units but they said they have no stock. I said I'll just come back when the units arrived but they told me that the replacement warranty will be over by that time and in that case, they will forward my phone for repair instead. What the hell, is it my problem that they have no stock units? I come back within 1 week period and now they're telling me this *******.

So much for a nokia enthusiast to endure. Why is it have to be me T_T

*In all fairness. the guys there are very good to me in terms of how we communicate. Its just that they don't know what to do if something like what happened , happens. Gheez.

And i forgot. I carefully check every accessories and the phone for scratches or any reason that might affect the replacement process. There is virtually no scratch on my phone when I get there (remember its anodized aluminum - scratch resistant to most everyday things) and after the lady took my N8 inside their room, they now found a small scratch on the back. Hello! they've checked it before they proceed unto the room, if they found a scratch they could have told me already. I'm not saying that they did it, but its a possibility.

Anyway, stayed there for 1-2 hours. I ended up re-claiming my previous phone.

At least I'm sure its really brand new and not abused :) .. with a small scratch though. (plus a 300 pesos transportation which makes my n8 formally P 23,899.00). 

This is not the fault of Nokia PH but the Nokia Greenbelt 1 store management (they're totally separate).

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Pinaylover said...

Sorry to hear you had to go through this. I just hope that dead pixel will not diminish too much the joy of using your phone...

Hihey said...

actually its not even a major issue. Its just sad that, things didn't happen the way i expected it to.

Frederickgonzales said...

people in nokia greenbelt were so nice to me. i bought an nokia N8 too!

Hihey said...

They're nice but they don't have the process.. and its a major player in customer satisfaction (knowing what to do in any scenario)

Lisset_us said...

Are insurance common when you buy items like this? This should cover any replacement if there is? How about the 1 yr manufacturers warranty, is there no such thing there?
just wondering.....???

Hihey said...

Insurances only applies to subsidized phones (tied to a carrier/with postpaid plan) , and its very rare for someone here to apply for insurance. There's a manufacturer warranty but unlike other phone brands, nokia will only replace the phone if they can't fix it.

Roberto Lim said...

I hope you don't mind. I made a link to your article here:

It is no big deal, but we should just let them know that if they act this way, people will write about it, and read about it. If consumers stay silent, we cannot expect better service.

Hihey said...

No Prob Robert