Saturday, July 22, 2017

How accurate is the on-board fuel consumption meter of 2017 Hyundai Tucson

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I recently consumed a full tank worth of gasoline for my 2017 Hyundai Tucson GL. It's the first tank that I've used up and I'm excited to compare how accurate the fuel consumption or fuel mileage meter that can be found on the Dashboard gauges of the car.

Here it goes 

For a full tank of gas, I managed to do

Full tank method

352.8kms (all city driving*) using 49.987L of fuel so that translates to about 7.05km/L of consumption rate.

Fuel Gauge method

According to the gauge, the car had a consumption rate of 7.5km/L
So it is 7.05km/L vs 7.5kmL . A variance of about 0.5km/L.


I am not very sure if this mileage is already acceptable, but coming from a thirsty Ford Escape, my Hyundai Tucson is definitely better. To think that the engine is not yet fully broken in with only 500km on odometer, I expect this to improve after the 1k PMS and 5k PMS.

The data is not yet enough to conclude that the gauge always yield higher result and it can't be said yet also that the gauge is not reliable. I will be collecting data for as long as I could and see if we can see a pattern by showing a graph in the future. Book mark this post as I will be updating this regularly.


  • #1 Jul 19, 2017 - 352km for 49.987L = 7.05km/L vs  7.5km/L (100% city driving)

*Mostly  Quezon Ave - West ave traffic, with occasional BGC, Ortigas, and Pasig via C5 and Edsa on rush hours

Monday, July 17, 2017

P200 per hour archery session at DMZ Archery Range in Quezon City

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P200/hr unlimited archery session at @dmzarchery. Its not really unlimited in a sense that the number of plays you can actually do for an hour is highly dependent on how fast your whole batch is in using up all your arrows. This is because you are not allowed to retrieve your arrows while there are still other individuals firing theirs (and that is for safety purposes).

Session are split into batches of 1 hr each. So if you arrived on the place halfway from the previous batch session you need to wait for them to finish. You can play some board games while waiting.

If it's already your turn atleast 2 coaches will be assigned to you group. They will discuss the basic rules and procedure on how to shoot a bow and arrow properly and safely. A specific bow and lane will be assigned per person and each player has 5 arrows.


The place is located at 18 Mystic Rose Drive, Sanville Subdivision, Proj 6 Q.C. Near Shell Visayas Ave.

Food and Drinks

They offer food and drinks inside. I saw softdrinks, juices and iced teas. Wasn't able to check out the food on the menu.


They have parking space for 3 cars, the rest will park on the street.

If you have questions, drop them at the comments below ⬇️

LG2 Autostation - car wash and wax shop near Visayas ave, Quezon City

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I found this car wash shop yesterday while waiting for our turn on a nearby DMZ Archery range. Made a quick google search to have my 2017 Hyundai Tucson washed as it already collected a week worth of dirt on its body and saw LG2 Autostation on one of the results.

So this is how it looks like inside. Its is pretty big.

Basic carwash starts from 
P90 for small cars
P100 for compact cars and suvs (this is where my Tucson falls)
P110-120 for Pickup trucks, SUVs
P150 for Vans


Monday, July 10, 2017

Maintain shine and luster of your car with Bigbert's Optiguard PaintProtection

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My car was enrolled on Bigbert's paint protection program. Decided to avail one because the car is parked mostly under the sun (both office and home). I wanted to protect the paint from harmful UV rays, tree sap, bird droppings and pollution.

The program is basically a series of sessions where in the car is washed, rinse, dried and then applied with paint protection coating. Each application's shine and protection will last 3-4 months. 

The optiguard paint protection programm actually consist of
- paint protection for 1st - 4th month
- paint protection for 5th - 8th month
- paint protection for 9th - 12th month
- exterior detailing

Prices vary depending on your cars size. Will range from 6k and up. Compact suv is around 7k-8k.

To learn more, you may contact Bigberts Professional detailers (araneta branch) 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Turn normal LED or LCD TV to a smart TV with PLDT Fibr TVolution

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TVolution is a small Android device that you hook up into your TV and turns them into an Internet TV. This is available to PLDT Fibr and DSL plan subcibers. All you have to do is pay P199/month on top of your internet monthly payments.

For Plan 999 only and above

From PLDT Fibr

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ronald's Car Wash review at Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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We had our lunch today at Kapitolyo with friends, i took the opportunity to have Patotoy washed since there are many car wash shops in the vicinity. First shop I saw was Ronald's Car wash, I dont want to spend much time looking for others that is why I went to the shop. Beside its near the restaurant we are planning to eat.

Location is accessible
The shop is located along W Capitol Drive (near corner of W Capitol Drive and E Capitol Drive) at Kapitolyo Pasig, Just beside Aqua Safe and an emission testing center.
Map Location :

Pricing is about right
Ordinary car wash is P100 (with tire black and vaccuum). I asked how much is a Car Wash with Wax, worker there said P600 (but with Engine Wash). I guess he didn't get my question. I paid P150 because I instructed them to also put an Armor All (that is what they call it) on my plastic bumper, fender, siding and rear bumper. That is what they priced me.

Read on.

Patotoy - my 2004 Ford Escape 2.0 XLS

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I just want to share what my car is. I have a 2004 model Ford Escape 2.0 Xls automatic. I love the car and I have made some modifications already.

- I changed my headunit to pioneer avh-3250bt - a dvd touchscreen multi media headunit.
- I also changed the tint to SolarGard. I forgot the variant i bought. Its the 2nd from the top of the line. Mettalic sputtered with up to 70% heat rejection (update: Its the SolarGard HP Quantum 14).
- I changed the tires to Nankang 215/75/r16
- I changed the alternators to a brand new one
- I put on leatherette seat covers

I love the riding comfort. Ground clearance is just about right. Interior space is large enough to accommodate me and 4 of my friends comfortably. The only issue I have right now is the fuel consumption. Im just getting around 5-6km/L of pure city driving. This could be improved if i already change engine oil and automatic transmission fluid.

Pics below