Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Turn normal LED or LCD TV to a smart TV with PLDT Fibr TVolution

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TVolution is a small Android device that you hook up into your TV and turns them into an Internet TV. This is available to PLDT Fibr and DSL plan subcibers. All you have to do is pay P199/month on top of your internet monthly payments.

For Plan 999 only and above

From PLDT Fibr

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ronald's Car Wash review at Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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We had our lunch today at Kapitolyo with friends, i took the opportunity to have Patotoy washed since there are many car wash shops in the vicinity. First shop I saw was Ronald's Car wash, I dont want to spend much time looking for others that is why I went to the shop. Beside its near the restaurant we are planning to eat.

Location is accessible
The shop is located along W Capitol Drive (near corner of W Capitol Drive and E Capitol Drive) at Kapitolyo Pasig, Just beside Aqua Safe and an emission testing center.
Map Location :

Pricing is about right
Ordinary car wash is P100 (with tire black and vaccuum). I asked how much is a Car Wash with Wax, worker there said P600 (but with Engine Wash). I guess he didn't get my question. I paid P150 because I instructed them to also put an Armor All (that is what they call it) on my plastic bumper, fender, siding and rear bumper. That is what they priced me.

Read on.

Patotoy - my 2004 Ford Escape 2.0 XLS

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I just want to share what my car is. I have a 2004 model Ford Escape 2.0 Xls automatic. I love the car and I have made some modifications already.

- I changed my headunit to pioneer avh-3250bt - a dvd touchscreen multi media headunit.
- I also changed the tint to SolarGard. I forgot the variant i bought. Its the 2nd from the top of the line. Mettalic sputtered with up to 70% heat rejection (update: Its the SolarGard HP Quantum 14).
- I changed the tires to Nankang 215/75/r16
- I changed the alternators to a brand new one
- I put on leatherette seat covers

I love the riding comfort. Ground clearance is just about right. Interior space is large enough to accommodate me and 4 of my friends comfortably. The only issue I have right now is the fuel consumption. Im just getting around 5-6km/L of pure city driving. This could be improved if i already change engine oil and automatic transmission fluid.

Pics below

What items you should always keep on your car's glove box

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car glove box
Came across an article from detailing the items that should always on you glove box. I agree to some and somehow refute the other on the list.

1. Flashlight
This item will be very useful during accidents or breakdown during night time. You don't want to be stucked in a middle of a dark place with no other means of lighting. Its scary and more importantly, dangerous.
2. Tissues and napkins
Although I agree that this should be a requirement for all cars. I somehow think it should not be stored on the glove box. My suggestion would be to place in on the center console comparted (if there is any) or anywhere accessible.
3. Cell phone charger and spare battery
Of course, in this era of mobile phones , specially smartphones, battery life is important. Should we put it on the glove box? Why not, they're usually small enough to fit it.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ford Escape Leather Seat Cover from Lederland Enterprise West ave - a review

I decided to get a leather seat cover for my 2004 Ford Escape XLS from Lederland Enterprise at West Ave, almost across Hap Chan Tea House at Examiner cor West Ave. It's not really a genuine leather but german leather/leatherette as they call it. The same material that other seat cover companies offer like MG Square and Seatmate.

I got mine in black (perforated) and beige design with embroidered Ford branding on the driver and passenger seats.

I spent P6,500 for it including the P500 embroidery fee. It was originally priced at 6,500 negotiated a discount of 500 and use that again for embroidered logo.

The very bad experience

Ordered the leather seat cover Thursday, Lederland said it should be available by Monday but may spill till Tue because of the embroidery. Came Tue, then Wed then Thurs when the seat cover is finally ready for installation but I dont have time during weekends so I have it done on Sat.

Came at the lederland at 10:30am  , was able to leave that place at 3:30pm. WTF right?! Why ?

  • They said they're expert in automotive seats but the installers there didn't even know how to properly install seat covers on my car
  • They are using Philips screwdrivers to remove pins, push through the fabric etc , kept telling them not to use but they didn't listen. They damage scratch the screw covers all around my interior. Deteriorated couple of fabric from my original interior. And scratch a deep and long one on my front  seat fold-able panels
  • They manage to cover it up by using vinyl paint but it took me couple of waiting hours. Bwiset!
  • My car has fold-able panels at the back of the front seats, and guess what they installed the covers with garters over the panels, claiming it was the design. I said how will I'll be able to use the panels if garters are blocking it?! All they say was it was the design. 
  • Told them to remove the panels first before installing the covers but they're stubborn. I yell telling them what to do and they listen. atlast. 
  • They bring back the panels but not totally fit on the back seat holes, and the covers and properly inserted in between the panel and old upholstery. Again they insist that it will be impossible as the pattern is design that way. I made passenger side, the way I'm telling them to do it and it was done, perfectly. I ask them what were you saying again earlier? That's when they listen again.
  • Some of the stitches on the head rest and back seats are not aligned with the original design. It looks awful if you look at it carefully.
  • I don't even understand why the installer removed the arm rest on my back seat when the design of the seat cover would not require to. They end up damaging the fabric of my arm rest and messing up with the plastic bushing.
  • And what's more classic, during the time I was about to give the deposit, an angry man came with his wooden steering wheel with a large, deep and long scratch or dent. I think its for a lexus car. And they just requested for a leather wrap. 
  • Silly me, i took the risk and i lost. If I only know this is going to happen, might as well went to seatmate or MG Square.

So yes, even if I payed the whole amount, I was never relaxed the whole time. To summarize :
- I'm dripping wet with sweat because i have to stay where they are installing the covers to monitor
- I have to do some of the installation because they're doing the wrong thing
- They wasted 5 hours of my time for a simple installation
- I went home hungry and feeling weak. I wasnt able to eat. They didn't even offer me some food nor just plain water? So much for customer service. Mukha silang pera. Tsk tsk. Sorry wont bring back nor even equate to the hassle i've experience dealing with them.
after. Do i look happy? I should , from all the bad vibes i experienced


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Swatch touch warranty - dead pixel

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I bought my yellow swatch touch wristwatch for P6,000 last may 2011. By january i notices some dead pixels on the left side of the watch' face. I planned on ignoring it but realized the damage is growing. Thats when i decided to get it replaced.

Went to SM Megamall yesterday and have it replaced. The people there are easy to talk with and they replaced the unit without any hitch. No additional charge. Now that is customer service. Anyway , there's a minor problem. There is no available yellow swatch touch at the moment. I have two options:
1. Wait for a stock , and theyll contact me (yellow swath touch are in demand)
2. Select another color.

I chose option 2. Guess what i color i selected. Hint, look below

Note: they only replace the watch part

Swatch MegaMall is located at Ground Floor SM MegaMall building B.

Swatch touch has 2 years warranty.

The belt/ban if Swatch touch is priced at P1,400 if you want to buy a separate one


Monday, February 14, 2011

Vibram Five Fingers - KSO (keep stuff out) review , why not classic, bikila or sprint

At last , after several weekends of not being able to go to Powerplant mall (at Rockwell, Philippines) alone, I finally got the chance to buy my very first pair of Vibram Five Fingers KSO. I was really hesitant to go there by myself due to the fact that aside from not being familiar with the place, I'm not comfortable going there by commute. Its a good thing my friend Gino accompanied me to the place (where he also got his new Casio G-shock blah blah blah).

my feet looks like its yeti's


Monday, February 7, 2011

Alodia Gosiengfiao as the newest Globe Tattoo endorser

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Check out the behind the scene pictures from

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Buy online without credit card using Cashsense


Cashsense is a service-based payment processing company which embraces the advances made in technology within the financial sector to significantly improve cross and intra-border payment efficiencies.

Cashsense provide 3 services namely merchants (which is what this blog post will be talking about), Remittance and Payroll service.

Cashsense Merchants
If you are interested
in financial matters,
check out an
accounting degree at
Sometimes, the things that you'd like to buy can only be found online. And aside from fear of being scammed out of your money, another thing that holds back filipinos to buy online is the convenience of paying. Most of the time, I'm discouraged on buying online due to lack of credit card support from several merchants (because of the cost associated with it) and the hassle of going to banks to pay in cash. Additionally, a large population of Filipinos do not have credit cards. I was able to talked to different kinds of people on different industry and to many, unlike for us I.T. professionals, other people are having a hard time getting approved with credit cards due to strict requirements being imposed by credit card companies.

Approximately 93% of Filipino’s do not have credit cards and need an alternative, cash-based method in order to buy goods and services online - Cashsense


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nokia X2-01 sale on Jan 29, 2011 only, as low as P3,950

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Buy a Nokia X2-01 for only P3,950.00 on nokia stores nationwide. Only valid on January 29, 2011 (saturday).

X2-01 Specifications
QWERTY keyboard
320 x 240 pixels, 2.4 inches display
3.5 mm audio jack
55 MB memory, 64 MB RAM, 128 MB ROM
Bluetooth 2.1
Stero FM

More information from GSMARENA