Saturday, November 6, 2010

N8 and playing large movie files

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The phone can't accept files larger than 4gb. It's a file system (FAT32) limitation

I tried copying the movie on a flash disk instead and use USB-ON-THE-GO to play the movies on n8. It doesnt work either. If the file system of the flash disk is FAT32 also, you won't be able to copy files on it that is larger than 4gb. I tested changing the format to NTFS to allow file size larger than 4gb. Was able to successfully transfer the movie file onto the flash disk but if you connect it to N8, N8 will treat the disk as corrupted. I think only FAT32 is supported as of the moment.

I wasn't able to play a movie with file size between 2gb and 4gb. I don't have any available movies that meets the criteria. Most of the movies i have are less than 1.9gb or more than 4gb.

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Pinaylover said...

Thank you for taking the time to investigate this problem. It confirms one of the things i wasn't entirely sure of, that N8 supports just FAT32 external drives/memory (at least at this moment).

For the other matter (playing movie files larger than 2GB), when you will have some more free time, you could try to use a program like mkvtoolnix (windows installer here : to split a larger than 4GB movie into two smaller movie files, one of which will be between 2 and 3GB, so you can test if N8 can play it.

If nothing else, this way you can at least still play a full movie (contained on a larger than 4GB file) on N8, by splitting it into 2-3 smaller files.