Friday, October 8, 2010

Nokia N8 now on pre-order for Philippines, comes with 16gb thumb drive free


I've mentioned before that techpinas is invited on a Nokia event to be held next week, and just now, i've found out that N8 is available for pre order.

N8 is priced at around P 23,699.00 pesos with free 16 gb thumb drive from nokia. You will be asked which nokia store or authorized dealer you'll claim the handset. Sadly only silver white and dark grey variant are available for pre-order. I want the orange so I guess I'll just be trading it on the future.

Reserve your units now! 23k is soooooo low. Sweet!!

Pre Order you Nokia N8 now


TechPinas said...

Hi HiHey!

I wanna send you something.

What's your active email address?


Mark of TechPinas

Hihey said...

Email me at gj_master18 at yahoo dot com


Pinaylover said...

Wow!!! Only 24k from the start ?!? PLUS a 16GB thumbdrive ?!?
That's great news talaga!!
I'm happy for you and envious at the same time.

In my country, a few online stores have announced a price of around 32k (equivalent in php). That's outrageous! :( And we don't even have an availability date yet.

I just hope by the time I will buy it (probably november or even december) the price will drop substantially. At least I will get a new firmware on it (hopefully), maybe with also the new web browser.

Hihey said...

yeah, you read it right mhen. And this is the first time in ph. 23.6k is definitely cheap that's why i get one even if no orange can be selected.

32k is too much, i suggest you just wait for it to drop the prices. Haven't tried buying products online yet, i'm afraid i get scammed. there's too many scammers here in PH :P