Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nokia WH-701 earphone review

I've tested this yesterday and I can say that the passive noise cancelling works great cause the buds(interchangebale) fit perfectly inside the ear (in-ear earphones). I can hardly hear what my surrounding's noise. You have two additional sets of buds. (a smaller and larger size)
It has 5 buttons, play, previous, next, call answer/end, and volume rocker.
I like the largest ear bud the most cause it fit comfortably just outside my ear canal. 

The remote feels solid but i don't like the design of the cord. It looks like a tapeworm or some flat pasta (which ever you want) and it feels cheap. Its long enough for the phone to be put on a bag or pocket comfortably.

Sound is clear but not really great when it comes to bass (good but not deep enough) . You have to ramp up the volume to feel the bass.

Right ear plug is longer , so its perfect for behind-the-neck way of wearing it.

For most people this would be more than enough. But for people like me who's not really an audiophile but want's a greater quality of earphone , more wider range of clarity from treble to bass, this earphone is as good as a back up when my bluetooth headphone's battery is gone.

I'll update this post if ever I had the chance to answer or made call using the headphone.

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Pinaylover said...

Thank you for the review. I can't wait to test it for myself, when I'll have mine !

Avinav17 said...

bass is more than satisfying, infact bombastic, just use the medium sized earbuds and then you'll feel the difference. It gives a total competiotion to the senheisser's earsets!

Hihey said...

I agree. I'm just irritated with the "flat noodle" like cord. :P

Thats why i only used this earphone when my bluetooth phone runs out of battery while on the move.

Oswald.Stuart said...

how you put this headphone on your ears?; it hurts a lot and i found crazy the idea putting inside my ear canal!

Hihey said...

Have you tried changing the earbuds with a smaller size?

at first it will really be uncomfortable but you'll get used to it in time.

Whatsmyemail said...

The bass on this goes VERY deep, even compared to a sennheiser 595

Hihey said...

How much would a sennheiser 595 cost?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Awesome post, where is the rss? I cant find it! view it now