Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nokia Connect Create Entertain : media launch of nokia smartphone devices [update]

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Our friend over at techpinas is invited to a Nokia PH event  Connect Create Entertain on Oct 2010(according to TP , it will be held any day next week - no exact date is given on the post). The event is about the unveiling of smartphones from nokia (cannot confirm if N8 will be launched also for retail).

I'm positively thinking that this is not just about showing the Philippines that Nokia has the N8 (plus other smartphones as well), is it TP? Cause it doesn't make sense to re-launch a device already launched worldwide about a month or two ago.That's why I'm quite certain that this launch will also mark the start of availability of the device (im talking about N8) to filipino market... Hopefully.

I'm itching to get that phone.

Don't forget, Oct 22, 2010 is the date that N8 will be available for retail on UK and other European countries. If for Filipinos it will be next week, then it's quite early , too early I guess, not the usual trend. 

From Techpinas

update: I'm invited to the event :) thank you so much techpinas