Monday, October 11, 2010

Nokia C7 is now shipping, C7 vs N8

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Image taken from GSMarena

C7 is now shipping worldwide, less than a month after it was announced at Nokia World. This handset is almost identical to n8 if not only to some features and functionality. I listed out some differences you can find from C7 over N8:

Basically, RAM is the size of your playing field, and can be increased as you purchase more "real estate"; ROM is equivalent to your utilities, the hardwired bare necessities needed to operate your computer, and is fixed in size; and storage capacity can be thought of as warehouses of various size, some of them mobile, which can be trucked in or constructed as circumstances warrant. -

advantages of C7 over N8
5g Lighter
22cc smaller
Nokia Clearblack Display
1gb ROM (512mb larger than n8) <- more of marketing purpose only
Longer battery time
Price at 335 euros (64 euros cheaper)

advantages of N8 over C7
Scratch resistant Gorilla glass display
16gb storage (8gb more than C7)
improved connectivity using GPRS,EDGE
Camera, 12mp and state of the art Carl Zeiss optics
1/1.83" camera sensor, ND filter
Anodized aluminum casing (scratch resistant)
Video/Photo editor app

everything else is just the same, check the link below for more info
Source: GSMArena comparison tool

If you don't need the camera of N8 or the HDMI connectivity , I suggest you get the C7 cause they're almost the same in terms of specs. They have the same experience when it comes to internet and browsing, as well as gaming and other nokia services.

Remember that N8 and C7 caters to different target markets and are not intended to compete with one another. C7 is targeted to casual consumers while n8 is more multimedia addicts.

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