Friday, November 12, 2010

Grid Touch Application launcher for Symbian devices

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To see all the pages, just tap the 3x3 cube on the upper left side 
Grid Touch is an application launcher/organizer for symbian phones. It is created by offscreen technologies.
Its a 9 page application launcher that is arrange into a 3 x 3 cube (shown below).

The applications are group into different categories as shown above. You can't rename the group but you can drag and drop application to different page as a way to customize the launcher.
To transfer shortcuts to another page, just hold the icon for a few seconds then drag it to the other page
The animation is smooth, you can move to other pages by flicking from 4 directions (up, down, left & right). You can even see the previous page being moved to the other direction. 

There's also a search feature if you have difficulty trying to look for an app. Grid Touch filters the application as you type.

On the News & Exit page, you can see a off screen logo, you can use that shorcut to update or exit the application (who would when this app can totally replace the application menu).

If only i can find a way to make the menu key open this application instead of the traditional menu page. My n8 would be so much better.

From Ovi  via Thehandheld blog