Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nokia N8 is shipping today

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So yes, the N8 is officially released to the world. First to receive are those who pre-ordered (which does not include us Filipinos since doesn't have any way to accept pre-orders).
The first Nokia N8 devices have left the factories in Finland and China and are now making their way around the world. First recipients will be those who pre-ordered and with the highest ever pre-order for a Nokia device, there will be plenty of happy Nokia N8 users over the coming weeks.
Those who pre-ordered should expect their devices to reach their doorstep starting tomorrow until end of the week.

Just remember that this is a global launch so expect some problem on the way since we are talking about millions of devices here being shipped around the world.

See more picture from Nokia Conversations


Pinaylover said...

Looks like the Engadget team already got one :

Hihey said...

didn't you preordered?

Pinaylover said...

Nope. It's not available in my country yet (not even for preorder), so you're not alone there, hehe.
Besides I don't have yet all the money for it anyway, lol.

hihey said...

Then it should be a good thing for you since you will still have plenty of time to save money for the phone. Anyway, do you plan on getting that phone unsubsidized?

Pinaylover said...

Yeah, i want to buy the phone unsubsidized, because if i buy it on a contract from my mobile provider, they will most likely lock it to their network and i wanna be able to use it on any network i want.

hihey said...

Ahh, you're right. Actually that's one problem of my friend here who wants to acquire iPhone 4 but uses another telco . Now he's torn to buying iPhone 4 from grey market or switching to the telco that globe is exclusive to but with higher call, data and text rates