Saturday, August 5, 2017

Road to stealthy look : Matte black vinyl wrap on Hyundai Tucson stock grills

Hyundai Tucson before and after vinyl wrapping of grills

On my previous post, I've shared to you the details on ceramic coating applied to my car. I've also mentioned there about the incident where in my grill is accidentally scratched by the detailer. Here is a recap :
Some sort of accident happened while they were polishing the grills. The foam or polishing pad took off the buffing machine,  thus, the machine scratching my grill. It is the last thing I want to hear when I get a call from the detailing shop where I left the car right? Nonetheless, I'm not mad because....

So what we did is had the car grill wrapped by Don Euro Car Foil Manila. I chose the color matte black to complement the matte black plastics of the bumper and fog light provisions.

Cost and Warranty

This is a Php 2500 worth and 1 hour job to complete with labor and materials. Warranty is 1 year which is for me is long enough.


Here is a google map link to the address

Future Plans

My future plan is to do the following to complete the stealthy look:

  1. Plasti dip with Glossy Black the logos and emblems in front and at the black 
  2. Cover the headlight and tail lights with a high quality smoked gray or smoked black tint
  3. Cover the whole windshield with light black full tint
  4. Replace the mags and tires with a larger gunmetal black rims and lower profile tires
  5. and if the law allows, will add in fog light/blinker combo in between the grills

More Pictures below

Black Hyundai Tucson with black grills beside a Jeep Commander front right quarter view
Black Hyundai Tucson with black grills beside a Jeep Commander

Hyundai Tucson front view
Tucson right after the ceramic coating. Grill still in stock form

Wrapping a hyundai tucson grill
Don Euro staff in the process of putting the wraps
Black Hyundai Tucson with Black grill
Completed grill

Hyundai Tucson Front Left Quarter view at night
This is how it looks like at night


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