Monday, August 2, 2010

Samsung Wave few minutes hands on


samsung wave and the app/task manager

I had a chance to play with a samsung wave an officemate of mine bought recently (that was last week but I only manage to upload the pics now because unluckily, my mobile phone broke down - which i have been using to capture the images and video).  My office scores P 21,000.00 for an installment, 19k for cash payment.

update: I checked samsung yesterday at trinoma and cyberzone and the price go down to 18k for cash.

Anyway, this samsung wave is a touchscreen phone from ~of course~ samsung sporting a 3.3 inches super amoled screen (similar to galaxy S' but with 4'  and runs on bada OS.


From the few minutes on riding the wave, here are my takeaways:

  • Feels solid on hand. Its also not too small and not to big.
  • Does not look cheap
  • The touchscreen is very responsive, i believe it's because of the 1ghz ARM cortex A8 processor.
  • The screen is uberly awesome. The colors are lively but it doesnt look like overly saturated.  (havent tested it outside/under the sun).
  • QWERTY virtual keyboard on portrait mode feels a little bit cramped due to the narrow width.
  • Games are fast, didn't encounter any hiccups while playing.
  • The camera is great. Produces clear and vivid 5 megapixel photo with the aid of a led flash (which is why i'm still wondering why the galaxy s doesnt have). Could have been so much better if xenon flash.
  • Battery lasts for 3 days (on average usage of a sun cellular user with few hours of wifi/3g browsing)
  • If you already had an android phone before, you will notice that it looks and feels android-ly with touchwiz UI.
  • I want to repeat, the screen is superb.
  • Accelerometer is very accurate and responsive(in comparison to my experience with n97).

Short and crude video (apologies everyone, I currently have no video editing software installed on my pc + the video is shaky - I dont have a tripod for a mobilephone + the background is my pants, i'm avoiding capturing any confidential files/prints on my office cubicle where i did the recording ), just bear with this video clip i recorded from my phone. 

Just want to mention that there will be a 2nd wave (not recession ok?) check out the link from gsmarena. The 2nd wave looks similar to galaxy s minus the two touch sensitive buttons which are replaced by simply buttons.


Its thin,almost same thickness
 with HTC desire
Glorious super amoled screen
- main menu
task manager - you close open apps
 by tapping the minus button
Full front view, check out
how clear the icons are

back plate - brushed

5mp camera sensor with flash
battery and sim card slot


Smart5sign said...

recently i upgrade the firmware of samsung wave but i still reciving a message says a new update of samsungapps is available and when accepet it the progress is jammed . this problem occure just after upgrading the firmware.

Hihey said...

there should be an option for you to reinstall the firmware. how did you update your handset, by usb or firmware-over-the-air ?