Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sun Cellular changes textall 15, now 100 text to sun 50 text to other network


We update you before about sun's textall 15 (and ended Oct 5, 2010) and now apparently , sun updated the promo from 100 texts to other networks + 50 texts to sun, it's now 50 text to other networks + 100 text to sun.

To register just text the following to 247 (same procedure as the previous promo)


Promo is until Dec 7, 2010.

Thanks Mycaitie for the tip.


hjsdhcd said...

 mas mganda sana kung 150 text to all networks kasali na ang sun hahaha :)

Weenee_anne said...

or even just like before 100 txts to all networks n nga lang! sulit pa rin di bah

Gj_master18 said...

Things change talaga. Sa globe nga wala na mga unli na less than 50 php