Saturday, October 16, 2010

Connect Create Entertain , A nokia event experience

DJ scarlet from presenting the short films created by the 3 popular directors from ph using nokia n8

Alphaland Southgate, 6th floor, The tent - I attended a Nokia PH event yesterday (thanks to Mark of TechPinas and Nikka of Nokia PH). That was my first time to attend a media launch so I'm kinda no idea on what's going to happen nor who will be going to that event also.

I played with the nokia N8 for several minutes only, I don't want to spoil my excitement
I'll be getting this phone in a week anyway - I tell you, the display quality is almost the same as samsung wave.
I didnt expect the screen to be that beautiful based on the video reviews i viewed online.

The event started around past 12pm so before that, I was able to talk to some Nokia folks (Mrs Corrine, mrs cause she said she's married) and they provided me information on their partnership with our local brands - they created widgets for nokia phones- such as munchpunch, fully booked, UAAP, clickthecity, Solar TV etc (Can't remember the other brands, sorry for that. I just put everything on my brain, no notes haha). Well anyway, what's exciting is that the partnership with Solar TV's watchnow brings us "How I met your mother" and "Gossip Girl" on demand , delayed telecast.

demand , delayed telecast? It's just my term, :P but what i mean is that for example How I met your mother's new episodes shows to cable tv's at weds night at 8pm, the new episode will be updated on nokia devices after an hour or two, and will be available for a week until the new episode comes up. 

Dj scarlet providing some introduction

Mrs Corrine also talked about the future of nokia ph when it comes to development. They're exploring on possible contests to developers and support to students. (And I can't mention them here cause they're not yet final but i will keep everyone posted for any update).

I told Mrs Corrine to skip the hardware cause I know them already :P

Food is great but I only ate few desserts, didn't bother to try the main course meals (maybe Mark can provide more info about this one - he's eating while taking a video haha dont tell mark about this post :P) cause I'm still full from my  super late brunch (did I mention that I came from the office before going to this place? haha. I'm screwed, i haven't sent any updates before leaving damn).

Azrael editing the short skit we made for the contest
After the introduction, Nokia launched the 4 devices N8, C7, E7 and C6.
Azrael with our pretty contest assistant, she spooks me cause she share similar face with our office director 
A contest also was held for us, are you familiar with Pier Roxas? The guy who lost his 8 days of memory and the only thing he have is a key, kiss mark on the collar, bruise on face, nokia n8, parking ticket and a smart sim card? We made a story about it and created a skit, recorded and edited using N8 , right on the rooftop of  alphaland. We didn't won the contest but it was so much fun thanks to my groupmates Azrael, Ong (he's a good actor) and the three lovely and outgoing ladies (mind you, one of them is the chief editor or business editor of business mirror, please correct my if I'm wrong). They participated fully on the contest which makes me feel happy.

After that, some information about nokia and their devices are presented by Mrs Nikka and the other guy on white polo ( i dont know the name sorry..). They also gave the prize to the contest winners, 1st prize is 10000 worth of GC, forgot the runner up prize. They also gave 4 phones from the raffle coupons we submitted during the registration. Unfortunately, I'm not wone of the winners :( I really sucked with raffle contests, even before! haha. Phones given are C3, ?, N900 and N8.

Anyhow, I'm a winner in a certain way, I got new friends. Mark from and Jade from Nice meeting you guys.


Pinaylover said...

How lucky of you !
I wish i was there too, just to hold and caress a few moments that beauty ... I'm talking about the N8 of course :D

Hihey said...

Dude, E7 is also a beauty as well as C7. E7 looks like N8 when the qwerty keyboard is not out. It feels solid in hands, similar to what other previous phone reviews for N8 tells.

Pinaylover said...

I'm sure E7 is awesome. That HW qwerty is so tempting. But, again, I need the N8 camera more than a better typing experience or a bigger display.

Maybe in a few years more, the technology will advance so much as to be able to put inside the same phone a keyboard like this and a camera like in N8 (or even better). Just in time for my second next phone :D

Hihey said...

We feel the same way. If only their is a version of N8 that has QWERTY keypad even though its slightly ticker, i'd get that instead.

or i just wished that an aftermarket accessory will be available for purchase (a qwerty keypad that can be fitted with N8).

I need the n8's camera more than a physical keypad.