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Deck building tips from a filipino Magic: The Gathering player

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play test on cockatrice
I was browsing through our local MTG group in facebook and I saw this article from one of the members. Its seldom that I see articles on that group where in the poster shares his own story or experiences that's why I thought "why not share this up to a broader audience" and hope that it encourages more people to share their own thoughts as well. You know, FB groups are more than just buying and selling stuff. So here it goes..


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Magic: The Gathering local game stores around Metro Manila


List of stores selling Magic: The Gathering cards.

Caloocan City

Playground Hobby Cafe

Address: 2nd Floor LOL Building, EDSA corner Asuncion St., Morning Breeze, Monumento, Caloocan City
Contact Numbers: 02 3561569
Links: FB

Las Pinas

R4 Hobby Shop

Address: 496F Alabang-Zapote Rd., Almanza Uno Las Piñas
Contact Numbers: 0917 509 7389
Links: FB

Wabshaq Hobbies

Address: WET Centrum Bldg. 24 J. Aguilar Ave. Talon Uno, Las Pinas
Contact Numbers: 
Links: FB

Makati City

Neutral Grounds 

Glorietta 2: 3/F Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati
Contact Numbers: (02) 856 9872
Cash & Carry: 3/F Cash & Carry Mall, South Superhighway,Makati
Contact Numbers: (02) 831 3027


Glorietta: 3rd floor Glorietta 2
Contact Numbers: (02) 3307209

Got Game Hobby Shop

Address: Mezzanine, Makati Cinema Square (near Jollibee), Don Chino Roces Ave. (Pasong Tamo), Makati City
Contact Numbers: 0908 905 4635/ (02)9865108
Links: FB

Vault Card Shop

Address: 4763 Barasoain street, Baranggay Olympia, Makati
Contact Numbers: 09173165010
Links: FB

Mandaluyong City

Neutral Grounds 

Megamall: 5/F SM Megamall Bldg D
Contact Numbers: (02) 5357831


Megamall: 4th floor, building B
Contact Numbers: (02) 9864229

Block 101

Address: Room 102 De Oro Bldg., 587 Sierra Madre Street, Brgy. Malamig
Contact Numbers: 0956 130 4699
Links: FB

Gamer's Cave / FQ Hobby Shop (Friday Quest)

Address: Along Aglipay St, Mandaluyong City (Near Kalentong/F Roxas corner Aglipay street )
Contact Numbers: 0997 2507135
Links: FB

Roll Play Game Lounge

Address: The Portal @ Greenfield District, United St.
Contact Numbers: 0920 9489943
Links: FB


Concealed Courtyard Hobby Shop

Address: 1566 Maceda St. cor Calamba St. Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines
Contact Numbers: 0917 628 2067
Links: FB

Xhc Hobby (Xtreme Hobby Cafe) - formerly known as Spiral

Address: 908 AH Lacson Ave corner Espana Blvd, Manila
Links: FB ,


Robinsons Place Manila: 3rd floor Pedro Gil wing, Robinson's Place Manila
Contact Numbers: (02) 3308202

Ongkeco's Hobby Shop

Address: D' Students Place Bldg 2488 Taft Ave, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila
Links: FB , FB
Contact Numbers: 0917 536 3911


RAXX Hobbies and Games

Address: 193 A. Boni Ave, Tanong, Marikina City
Contact Numbers: 0917 6645956
Links: FB


Neutral Grounds 

Alabang Town Center: Sports, Fitness and Hobbies Area, Alabang Town Center
Contact Numbers: (02) 850 2033


Magical Dreams Portal iCafe

Address: Unit E, 2nd Flr. CSC Bldg., #4 Doña Soledad Ave., Better Living Subd
Contact Numbers: 0929 711 0711
Links: FB


Hero Hobbies

Address: St francis square stall gb-g. Ortigas center
Contact Numbers: 09228690816
Links: FB

Quezon City

Neutral Grounds 

Eton Centris: Eton Centris Walk, infront of the events place
Contact Numbers: (02) 376 7312
Trinoma: Trinoma 2nd floor infront of Bench Fix
Contact Numbers: (02) 916 5078


SM North Edsa: Main building, 3rd floor towards the side of SM Annex
Contact Numbers: (02) 3305122
Trinoma: Trinoma 2nd floor infront of Bench Fix
Contact Numbers: (02) 3307270
Robinsons Galleria: 2nd floor, Sports section
Contact Numbers: (02) 3307200

Kick Engines Skate Shop

Address: Cubao Expo, Gen. Romulo Ave., Quezon City, 1104 Metro Manila
Links: FB ,
Contact Numbers: 0927 081 1080
Comments: Not much standard cards being sold here. Mostly modern.

High Market

Address: 2nd floor Eton Centris Mall, tiangge area,
Links: FB
Contact Numbers: 09175086226

Urban Legend Hobby Store

Address: 2/F Game Gear Alimall General Romulo Ave. P. Tuazon Cubao
Links: FB ,
Contact Numbers: 0905 2822910

Crazy 8 Hobby Store

Address: Unit 6 Ground Floor, Anonas Commercial Complex, #3 Anonas Street, Quirino 3-A, Project 3, Quezon City, Philippines 1102
Links: FB ,
Contact Numbers: 0929 5973030

Radioactive Games & Hobbies

Address: 2nd Floor Anonas Commercial Complex, Quezon City, Philippines 1102
Links: FB ,
Contact Numbers: 0977 6996213

Regran Toys and Collectibles

Address: UGS 47 E-LIFE Building, ETON Cyberpod, Ortigas Avenue,
Links: FB , website
Contact Numbers: 0905 3107650

The Dragonforge

Address: 249, UP Town Center, 216 Katipunan Ave
Links: FB website
Contact Numbers: 02 4262907, 09205335864, 0997677416

Card Shark

Address: 2nd floor Farmers Mall, Cubao
Contact Numbers:

San Juan 

Neutral Grounds 

Greenhills Viramall: 3rd floor VMall
Contact Numbers: (02) 727 8583

Vault Card Shop

Address: 305 Col. Bonny Serrano Ave, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila
Links: FB ,
Contact Numbers: +63 917 652 3619, +63 923 8612142

Fortress Toys & Hobbies

Address: 2nd floor Virra Mall (V-Mall) Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila
Links: FB ,
Contact Numbers: 0922 451 4505
Comments: They only sell modern cards

Gatecrasher Greenhills

Address: Shoppesville plus 2nd floor stall L23
Links: FB
Contact Numbers: 09231128272

There is a ton of Magic Card / hobby store in Shoppesville Plus mall in Greenhills san juan, mostly sells modern cards.

I've visited most of the places listed here so if you have question's or if you want to add a hobby store you know , just drop it on the comments section.

By the way, Filbar's doesnt sell Magic: The Gathering cards anymore.

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Food Park : communEATy food park at Quezon City. Check out the Isaw!

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Check out this new food park we found along Don Roces Ave near Tomas Morato intersection. I've already tried the Salted Egg Chicken Wings and different inihaw (grilled) food. I'll be coming back for the Tempura, Bibimbap and Lechon skin *drools*.

Price Range

The inihaws ranges between P30 - P100 a piece, but they also have 3 for P100 promo. The salted egg fried chicken wings I ordered costs around 170 pesos for 6 pcs meal. The lemonade drinks cost around P50 pesos which are really big so I think its worth it.


They have some few parking slot in front of the food park + street parking.


The place can be found along Don Roces Ave, near the intersection with Tomas Morato.
Here is a google map link click me if you want a directions.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Kapusod - relax inside a kubo, earth dome or tree house infront of Taal Lake

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I actually planned on driving to Bicol for this long weekend, the problem is this typhoon Jolina ruined my plan. I can't drive up north (because she's there). I can't also go to Bicol because its also affected at signal no. 1.

I remember this place that a friend went to about 2 months ago? So I called up the place and its good thing that they still have an available Kubokas for us to get. I prefer the earth dome or the tree house just to be able to try it but since they're already booked by somebody else we don't really have a choice.

The place is called "Kapusod".

Kapusod is owned by Howie Severino (a reporter from GMA 7 who also does documentaries).

It was called Kapusod as a play with the word "Pusod" (the Taal Lake Conservation Center that Howie is also a partner with the local government) which is adjacent to the Place.

Me and the merlat had a quick chat with him when he got to the place just this morning.

They also have their pet Dogster and Howser inside the resort.

Since the place is intended for people who want to relax, read books, meditate or just rest, loud music is prohibited.

They don't also accept very large groups and the reason is they preserve and really take care of the place.

To see more pictures, check my facebook album


You can use the map above to set your GPS/Waze. A tip from Howie, however, is not to exactly follow waze if you want a good view of the Taal Lake while going to Kapusod. Waze will most likely instruct you to use the Malvar exit (which is faster, but the roads are very narrow). Howie told me to use the Balete exit next time as it gives the best view of Taal Lake.


3 Kubokas  - P1,100 per night good for 2, additional of 250 per person max of 4 per kubokas
Earth Dome - for inquiry, Airbnb rate is outdated
Tree House - for inquiry, Airbnb rate is outdated

Eath Dome and Tree House are strictly booked using Airbnb (Tree house or Earth Dome)
inside a kuboka


They don't have any menu, you can bring your own food but you can also order food from them.
It's 250 pesos per meal per person.
During our visit we got adobong baboy, tawilis, pipino with tomato salad, soup with various vegetables in it, kinilaw na ampalaya, and home cooked pandan juice.

Processed food or ingredients are not allowed like powdered juice, ketchup etc. everything is organic.


There isn't much that you can the there. More of relaxing, meditating or just chill. They do have a small man made pool where you can take a dip. They also have wifi. The place also offers "Knowledge Tour"to Taal Volcano, and also Fishing experience. We haven't tried those cause we only wanted to rest and relax.

Kapusod Facebook Page

Thursday, August 24, 2017

How to transfer money from BDO to BPI (or any other banks) online


I badly needed to transfer money to a BPI account last night. I have both a BPI and BDO account but my problem is that both accounts' "Transfer to anyone" is not yet enabled. Enabling "transfer to anyone" requires me to either:

  1. submit a physical signed form at the bank 
  2. go to the nearest ATM to get activation code
Both are not feasible considering its already late night - banks are closed, and it's really not that safe to be fiddling on ATM at night time figuring out the process of activation. 

I solved my problem by turning to Facebook and crowd source my problem. I got tons of reply in just several minutes and one suggestion that really works is by using Send Money to Another Local Bank feature of BDO on BDO's website. I didn't know there is such thing. Good thing my friends told me about it

Note : This can only be done on BDO's website not on the mobile app.

How to transfer money from BDO to BPI online

  1. Go to BDO's website (as of this writing it is
  2. Login to Online Banking
  3. After successfully logging in, go to the Navigate section on the right side of the page
  4. Hover to Send Money , then select Send Money to Another Local Bank
  5. You will be asked to fill in the required fields. You can transfer to a number of of local banks here, one of which is BPI. You just need to select the right Bank Code/Name on the Receiver Details.
Note: There is P100 charge for each transaction. It may take 2 business days before the credits reflect on recipient's account.

Click image to enlarge


Wil Dasovich is diagnosed with this dreaded sickness... :(

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A year ago, I was very ill to the point that I'm not allowed to go to work and just rest for 2-3 weeks. I don't have anything much to do back then. I stumble at his youtube channel and was amused by how unique the vlog was. It kept me entertained and refocus my energy on recovering and being happy instead of just thinking about what I feel. The vlog just got this different kind of "kulit" that it'll make you smile and forget about problems.

And now this. I am sincerely very sad that I saw this video and learned that the reason why he is experiencing bleeding and all of the nasty stuff he describes on his previous video is because of...
I actually wrote the illness, but i realized its better if he's the one who's going to tell you. So i've updated this blogpost and removed it. Just watch the video :'( at around 8:24
I was actually hoping that he will reveal this as a prank soon, but it doesnt look like its going that route.

I wish he gets well soon. I've known people who overcome this dreaded thing and I know he can do it as well.

His request is for his viewers to like and subscribe to his Youtube channel. Having an audience who watches him fulfill his wish of reaching to more people to influence and entertain is what makes him happy, and stronger and this time.

From Wil Dasovich Youtube

Monday, August 21, 2017

Realistic highway fuel consumption of Hyundai Tucson


The trip started at A. Bonifacio highway between Quezon City and Caloocan. The route runs through Balintawak, NLEX, then Plaridel Bypass Road up to Bustos Bulacan. We went to inner roads from Bustos to be able to get out to San Rafael Bulacan's part of Pan Philippine highway. We followed the road until the intersection of Camias-Sibul road, turned right from there and drive for 15kms more before arriving at the destination. We followed the same route on way back to Metro Manila.

We have 1 stop-over at SM Savemore San Ildefonso to buy some pasalubongs.

It's a 170+ km trip consuming almost 13L of fuel. That translates to 13.2km/L, far from the very optimistic result of 22km/L I got on my Insane Highway efficiency test a week ago.

Traffic Condition

It was actually a nice drive yesterday. We had a continous trip up to the end of Plaridel Bypass Road. I can say we are on the range of 80-110 km/h on average. After that the trip becomes slower due to the single lane and more vehicles on the national road 30-40km/h on average from San Rafael up to San Miguel. 

It took us 2 hours and 10 mins for a single trip. 1 hour and 50 mins on way back. 

I'm excited to cover longer distances soon.

Note: I've updated the post  How fuel efficient is 2017 Hyundai Tucson GL 2.0 manual based on this trip