Sunday, August 27, 2017

Kapusod - relax inside a kubo, earth dome or tree house infront of Taal Lake

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I actually planned on driving to Bicol for this long weekend, the problem is this typhoon Jolina ruined my plan. I can't drive up north (because she's there). I can't also go to Bicol because its also affected at signal no. 1.

I remember this place that a friend went to about 2 months ago? So I called up the place and its good thing that they still have an available Kubokas for us to get. I prefer the earth dome or the tree house just to be able to try it but since they're already booked by somebody else we don't really have a choice.

The place is called "Kapusod".

Kapusod is owned by Howie Severino (a reporter from GMA 7 who also does documentaries).

It was called Kapusod as a play with the word "Pusod" (the Taal Lake Conservation Center that Howie is also a partner with the local government) which is adjacent to the Place.

Me and the merlat had a quick chat with him when he got to the place just this morning.

They also have their pet Dogster and Howser inside the resort.

Since the place is intended for people who want to relax, read books, meditate or just rest, loud music is prohibited.

They don't also accept very large groups and the reason is they preserve and really take care of the place.

To see more pictures, check my facebook album


You can use the map above to set your GPS/Waze. A tip from Howie, however, is not to exactly follow waze if you want a good view of the Taal Lake while going to Kapusod. Waze will most likely instruct you to use the Malvar exit (which is faster, but the roads are very narrow). Howie told me to use the Balete exit next time as it gives the best view of Taal Lake.


3 Kubokas  - P1,100 per night good for 2, additional of 250 per person max of 4 per kubokas
Earth Dome - for inquiry, Airbnb rate is outdated
Tree House - for inquiry, Airbnb rate is outdated

Eath Dome and Tree House are strictly booked using Airbnb (Tree house or Earth Dome)
inside a kuboka


They don't have any menu, you can bring your own food but you can also order food from them.
It's 250 pesos per meal per person.
During our visit we got adobong baboy, tawilis, pipino with tomato salad, soup with various vegetables in it, kinilaw na ampalaya, and home cooked pandan juice.

Processed food or ingredients are not allowed like powdered juice, ketchup etc. everything is organic.


There isn't much that you can the there. More of relaxing, meditating or just chill. They do have a small man made pool where you can take a dip. They also have wifi. The place also offers "Knowledge Tour"to Taal Volcano, and also Fishing experience. We haven't tried those cause we only wanted to rest and relax.

Kapusod Facebook Page