Monday, July 17, 2017

LG2 Autostation - car wash and wax shop near Visayas ave, Quezon City

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I found this car wash shop yesterday while waiting for our turn on a nearby DMZ Archery range. Made a quick google search to have my 2017 Hyundai Tucson washed as it already collected a week worth of dirt on its body and saw LG2 Autostation on one of the results.

So this is how it looks like inside. Its is pretty big.

Basic carwash starts from 
P90 for small cars
P100 for compact cars and suvs (this is where my Tucson falls)
P110-120 for Pickup trucks, SUVs
P150 for Vans

There's a waiting area or lounge inside. It is air-conditioned and with Wi-FI too.
There is a vape shop inside, adjacent to the waiting lounge called Tempest Vapes.

Shop is located along Visayas ave, Northbound going to Tandang Sora. It's right after a bridge just before heading to Congressional Ave and Visayas Ave intersection. See map below
Click this to see the google map link

Is there a lot of waiting time?
Don't be discourage if you see a lot of cars queued in line waiting to be serviced. It would take long before your car gets its turn because two persons are working on each car at a time. There's two cars ahead of me but I only waited in line for like 5 mins. The car wash itself takes only about 15 mins including the vacuum of the interior and drying.

I don't have much info on what other services they offer and how much do they cost because the receptionist ate girl doesnt want to give any. Maybe shes afraid that I might be a spy or some sort of a government/regulatory worker investigating their shop or what :D

So if you are interested on other stuff that is not included on this post, check out the contact details below and you may ask them yourselves.

FB : LG2 Autostation
for scheduling of detailing, you may contact 09178951516 (Look for Larry) or 024532568 


Silvia John said...

People like me needs the car manuals than other things since we do not have the proper idea about our car and thus spend a whole lot amount of money on getting it's maintenance. Whereas we could have just seen the manuals and could have repaired those by ourselves.