Monday, July 17, 2017

P200 per hour archery session at DMZ Archery Range in Quezon City

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P200/hr unlimited archery session at @dmzarchery. Its not really unlimited in a sense that the number of plays you can actually do for an hour is highly dependent on how fast your whole batch is in using up all your arrows. This is because you are not allowed to retrieve your arrows while there are still other individuals firing theirs (and that is for safety purposes).

Session are split into batches of 1 hr each. So if you arrived on the place halfway from the previous batch session you need to wait for them to finish. You can play some board games while waiting.

If it's already your turn atleast 2 coaches will be assigned to you group. They will discuss the basic rules and procedure on how to shoot a bow and arrow properly and safely. A specific bow and lane will be assigned per person and each player has 5 arrows.


The place is located at 18 Mystic Rose Drive, Sanville Subdivision, Proj 6 Q.C. Near Shell Visayas Ave.

Food and Drinks

They offer food and drinks inside. I saw softdrinks, juices and iced teas. Wasn't able to check out the food on the menu.


They have parking space for 3 cars, the rest will park on the street.

If you have questions, drop them at the comments below ⬇️