Friday, October 1, 2010

Since its Octoberfest already, check out 5 reasons to drink beer

Image from Gizmodo

Aside from making people appear more beautiful, it seems that beer has other benefits too

5 Surprising health benefits of beer
Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
Higher levels of vitamin B6
Avoid Kidney Stones
Help Women Age Better
Prevent Cancer

more information at yahoo 

oh, and its Friday today which means we will be going out tonight to drink!! Hooray for october!!


Pinaylover said...

Don't forget the 6th reason : N8 is on the market na ! :P

hihey said...

"n8 is on the market na! :P "

wtf! are you a filipino? you got me !! hahaha

hihey said...

cause most of the time, pinoys can't remove "na"="already" from their statement.

Example: Can you make remove "na" may jacket.. (trying hard socialite)

Pinaylover said...

Hahaha, i knew i will get you're attention with that :P

I'm not a filipino, but I like your language and I'm trying to learn a bit of it. Just some words and expressions for now, but maybe someday I will take it more seriously.

Pinaylover said...

sorry, i meant "get your attention"

Hihey said...

ok. Thought you we're some pinoy pretending to be from other countries.

why don't i check your ip address? didnt think of that!

well anyway, i wont do that, i'm not a fan of invading someone's privacy :P

Pinaylover said...

It's ok if you really wanna check it, just don't make it public what you will find, hehe.