Monday, October 4, 2010

Nokia n8 vs canon 550d shootout

Other blogs already gave us a comparison of image capturing of N8 with iPhone 4 and other smartphones out there. There's also a comparison with a point and shoot Ixus and N8's quality is very comparable to it. Now handheld blog gives us a showdown of N8 with a DSLR namely canon 550D. View the post on the link below.

Via The Handheld Blog


Pinaylover said...

Very interesting comparison indeed. At last the N8 is compared with something worthy of a challenge, not with sub par cameraphones, like it was in other previous articles on other sites (where most of them were done just to bash the N8).

And it looks like people are really interested in that article, the author just reported over 45.000 views of it in the last two days.

Hihey said...

It just shows how interested people are with comparison of n8 to other camera devices.

What i'm really monitoring now is the test that will be made by GSMarena regarding 3 camera/phones.

Its exciting cause the it will be done scientifically and blinded (which is fare enough for everybody). So results will be objective, unlike reviews done by "some" websites which are purely based on their personal opinion.

Stay tune to that also.

Pinaylover said...

Yeah, i saw that test yesterday and I'm waiting too for the their revealing of the original pics (with EXIF's) sometime today, so that we can see which camera did better on the user opinions. I'm really curious about the results.

They also announced a preview of N8 for today.

Pinaylover said...

And the results of the test are online now. N8 won the first place by a big margin over the other two. Nice !

I don't wanna brag here, lol, but me too I was almost sure camera C was the N8. Maybe it was too easy ?! :D

Hihey said...

Yea, I saw that one too earlier (but I'm at the restroom preparing for work). its just now that I had the time to post some article about it.

And hey, they found a bug on video recordings' digital zoom, but i know its fixable via firmware update.