Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nokia N8 pre-order country list is growing [updated]

We've mentioned before that Germany is taking pre orders as early as June. Now 4 countries have been added to the list.

Germany -479 euros
Italy - 469 euros 
France - 459 euros
Poland - 502 euros
North America -  428 euros

Prices are somehow way higher that what is previously the target price of 399 euros and looks like september will be the month for Nokia N8s release on europe. Philippines!! Why are we so late!!

update: added US

from unwiredview


Pinaylover said...

Indeed, the retail prices are kind of high compared to the 370 euro from the original Nokia announcement. Lets hope that in a few months after launching the prices will drop a little. I live in Europe, but most likely i will not buy it till maybe December anyway.

Funny thing, I'm also curious about the time and the price it will retail in your country, because i want to buy another one as a present to someone there (my username says it all :D)

Hihey said...

That's one lucky lady! Wish I had someone too who will give me a phone for free. LOL.

Here in philippines, its been known that nokia handset prices are drastically going down after few month after the release, 1 example would be my n97, i bought that one (during september) for 35,000 pesos or 597 euros, after 3 months (december) it became 28,000 pesos or 477 euros, and now its down to 20,000 pesos or 341 euros.

Pinaylover said...

That's what I'm hoping for, that the N8 price there will drop under 23k. And it would be great if that will happen until the holiday season, before the end of the year.