Wednesday, August 11, 2010

25% of metro manila residents can't live without their phones

Texting on a touch phone

According to the latest survey "Young Asians 2010 Survey"  conducted by global research agency Synovate, a quarter of the metro's people can't live normally without their mobile phones. See the facts below:

- Mobile phones are the most important device for 67 percent of young Filipinos.
- Survey covered 874 Metro Manila residents between eight and 24 years old.
- More than 50% of Filipino surveyed communicate with their parents through SMS compared to the percentage of other kids from their respective countries.
- Filipino youth are third in asia with the most number of contacts in phone book at an average of 102 per person, indonesians have an average of 138 while singapore youth have an average of 108.
- Mobile phone is the 2nd most important thing for the asian youth following T.V at first spot and followed by internet at the 3rd spot.
- Other top-rated items are desktop computers and MP3 players

The other countries surveyed were China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Now I'm starting to think if it's still possible for us  to be able to meet with someone without having to call or text them. Just like the old times, where in people just agree on a certain date, time and place and there you go. Nah, that would be very difficult nowadays. Give me back my phone please.

From Philstar News Service


Pat said...

i only use my fone this way:
"Hoy!!! nasan ka na?? usapan natin X o'clock ah! walangya ka pinahintay mo ako???"

Hihey said...


Tapos sasagutin ka nya "malapit na! sori.." lol