Friday, July 9, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S free at Globe plan 2499 [update]

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Samsung Galaxt S(GT-i9000) is being offered by Globe as a free unit on plan 2499 (until July 31, 2010 only), but starting August 2010 Galaxy S will be back on the normal plan of 3799.

For all those who have money to spend, this is a no-brainer, I suggest you grab this opportunity. Galaxy S retails at P32,000.00 so technically, at plan 2499 you're getting the phone absolutely free for P2,499.00 worth of credits.

Comparing the plan 2499 with buying the phone at retail price

Plan 2499
contract @24 months - 2,499.00 - with 2,499.00 worth of credits.

@12 months - P2,666.00 - without credits
@24 months - P1,333.00 - without credits

The downside is that if you're not really using that much call/text/internet credits you will still be paying 2,499.00 on your 2nd year, but hey, it's not really painfull since you will still be getting your money's worth in a form of consumable amounts.

If only i'm not paying for my lost n97 until Aug 2010, I'd definitely get this promo.

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Update: Got an update from Globe 
FREE starting at plan 2499 with lock-up period of 36 months and FREE 1 month Super Surf
Priced @ P9,950.00 for regular post paid plan lock up of two years (24months)