Friday, July 9, 2010

Globe's New! fully loaded plan explained

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To start, Fully loaded plan is basically G-Flex plan with freebies. The higher the plan, the more freebies you get.

Freebies are chosen by the subscriber and is limited by the plan.

If I apply for Plan 999
I will get, 999.00 worth of consumable credit, plus I can choose from freebies A-E (3 freebies at most, at any combination). Since I used my phone mostly for web surfing, I'll choose 2 D and 1 B. With this, i'll get 999.00 worth of credits + 6 hours of mobile surfing (from 2 D) + 5 mins call & 25 mins sms (from 1 B) all on top of the 999.00 worth of credits I have from the basic plan.

Of coure, every plan has its free phone, and for plan 999 I can choose between samsung corby and nokia x3 (but i believe you can choose a more expensive phone but you have to add a few cash.)

Pair this with Globe's Samsung Galaxy S promo ~ super sweet!

few reminders:
* Countries include US, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Thailand
** Plan 299 and Plan499 can get (E) Super One using the Php100 consumable amount.
*** Freebies and consumable amount have a 30 day term from activation period and expires at end of billing cycle

Head over to yugatech for a better explanation.