Saturday, July 22, 2017

How fuel efficient is 2017 Hyundai Tucson GL 2.0 manual

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I recently consumed a full tank worth of gasoline for my 2017 Hyundai Tucson GL. It's the first tank that I've used up and I'm excited to compare how accurate the fuel consumption or fuel mileage meter that can be found on the Dashboard gauges of the car.

Here it goes 

For a full tank of gas, I managed to do

Full tank method

352.8kms (all city driving*) using 49.987L of fuel so that translates to about 7.05km/L of consumption rate.

Fuel Gauge method

According to the gauge, the car had a consumption rate of 7.5km/L
So it is 7.05km/L vs 7.5kmL . A variance of about 0.5km/L.


I am not very sure if this mileage is already acceptable, but coming from a thirsty Ford Escape, my Hyundai Tucson is definitely better. To think that the engine is not yet fully broken in with only 500km on odometer, I expect this to improve after the 1k PMS and 5k PMS.

The data is not yet enough to conclude that the gauge always yield higher result and it can't be said yet also that the gauge is not reliable. I will be collecting data for as long as I could and see if we can see a pattern by showing a graph in the future. Book mark this post as I will be updating this regularly.


Test # Distance
(in km)
Fuel used
(in L)
Ave Tire
(in psi)
Ave Fuel
(Full Tank Method)
Ave Fuel
Trip scenario Gasoline brand used
1 352.8 49.98 37 7.06 7.5 City Shell Vpower
2 342.6 49.286 35 6.95 7.5 City Caltex Platinum
3 116.9 15.796 35 7.40 7.4 City Seaoil Extreme 97
4 93.1 11.67 37 7.98 10.8 50% City / 50% Highway Shell Vpower
5 45.2 1.97 37 22.88 19.7 Highway Shell Vpower
6 133.5 22.69 36 5.88 6.8 City Shell Vpower
7 172.2 12.963 37 13.28 13.2 5% City / 95% Highway Shell Vpower

*Mostly  Quezon Ave - West ave traffic, with occasional BGC, Ortigas, and Pasig via C5 and Edsa on rush hours

Update : from  Fuel Consumption : Insane highway efficiency of Hyundai Tucson 2017 2.0 manual