Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BayanDSL sets broadband bandwidth cap, doesn't affect me that much these days

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According to Yugatech, from the official forums of bayandsl , a bandwidth cap has been imposed on bayanDSL subscribers (which includes me). I've been seeing several posts already from different blogs about other ISP's issuing bandwidth cap (and I dont even mind) but now, although yugatech mentioned about it not yet being appended on the Acceptable Usage Policy page , I still somehow got alarmed cause I'm not sure if the cap is not sufficient on my internet needs.

So I head on and checked my bandwidth usage for the last months and this is the result:

For Nov 2010 - 10.39 GB
For Dec 2010 - 6.44 GB

On average , I'm only using less than 10% of the alloted bandwidth for me. My internet activities includes
1. Chatting/voice and video chat
2. Youtube streaming
3. Visiting blogs and new sites everyday
5. Playing facebook games
6. Facebook
7. Online gaming
8. Occasional torrent downloading

I'm also sharing my internet with 2 laptops here at home , and 1 laptop from a neighbor. We also have lan party/internet party on few weekends.

If i'm still on the stage on downloading movies (which was few months ago), I think I'll be hogging that 100gb cap in no time, specially with my bittorrent client running 24/7.

Check out your bandwidth usage at www.bayan.com.ph/aup/usage