Sunday, December 5, 2010

Globe broadband @home Christmas promo , get free samsung champ or nokia 1616 when you subscribe


Great news! Globe has an early Christmas gift for all new and existing Globe Broadband subscribers.
Avail of any Globe Broadband DSL plan or upgrade to a higher bundle if you already have one and receive a FREE Samsung Champ or a FREE Nokia 1616! The promo is being offered from October 16 to December 31, 2010 only. So apply for a plan now!

For New Subscribers
For Existing Subscribers

To know more details about the promo, visit globe's website


JBMJR243 said...

this is FAKE

Globe Subscriber said...

I applied and wait for 3 weeks until now there's is no Cellular phone drop on my door step.

I wait for 1 1/2 Month and counting... Globe always said there is no Definite time of the Delivery.. that means they are running a promo to attract people but there's no totally promotions...

This IS SCAM, and breaching the Consumer Act Law.

Hihey said...

but did they confirmed that you we're accepted as a subscriber?

Globe Subscriber said...

yes, and actually they'd send me my 1st billing but I'd just used the DSL package for 9 days with ON and OFF Connection.

And also, they'd charged me for Installation Fee which was not supposed to be because it was clearly posted on the flyers that there is no Installation Fee. The Php 500 was just for the Advance payment and will be deducted on my 1st Billing. Am expecting of lower 1,500.00 my 1st Billing because i took the 1,995.00 DSL bundle with Samsung Champ promo. I was charge of 2, 230.00 for the 1st Billing... It was CLEARLY STATED that NO HIDDEN CHARGES, WHAT YOU USED IS WHAT YOU PAY.

You are Breaching the Terms and Conditions of your own Rules as well as the Service Level Agreement for Uptime Connection. Until now I still encountering of Intermittent Connection.

Hihey said...

I believe you cant terminate the service provided that the reason you have is justifiable. I guess , based on what you said, its already enough to request for account termination.

Globe Subscriber said...

I told them the same phrase as you stated... but they are insisting to pay the whole 12months... I told them to sue me if necessary so the court will justify the truth and to have fair justice both sides.

They've said it won't necessary to bring in court for any matters regarding with it, it will just waive the payment. Then I told them that how could I pay a service that won't satisfied me, from the start of installation up to date nothing happened to the intermittent connection.

Until now, no one from Globe called me up for any feedback from the promotion of Globe Samsung Champ. It's been 2 Months running and there is no reality on the promotion.

I wrote a letter to DTI Complaint Department regarding with my concern for the breaching the Consumer Act Law that the promotion was fall into Fraud Promotions to Attract Consumers.

I got the feedback for further INVESTIGATION to the Promotion of Globe and their Services.

Good Luck.

Hihey said...

its a good thing that DTI respond, most of the time, when I email government websites, i never ever receive any feedback at all.

Its a good thing also that they're looking into it but it just sucks that you have to experience this problem. I suggest if you're not happy with their service then quit. If you're planning on going to court, make sure you read and understand the terms and condition so that you already have the upperhand aside from being the consumer :)