Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Asus WiCast EW2000-NA wireless HD transmission kit


If you can still remember, I wrote about my plan on making almost all the connection on our house wireless. This is one of my major problem:
I'm looking into some possible ways (wireless speaker adapter kit, wireless display from intel etc) in order to connect the surround sound speakers wirelessly, as well as the monitor and HDTV. I've found a device that can be used but they're too expensive right now and are using the 2.4ghz band (same frequency our cordless phone, keyboard, and microwave are using). Also , there are issues when it comes to syncing of voice and visual information(speakers and display) when data is transferred wirelessly. ...
And now I've found my solution!! Hooray!

Asus Wicast EW2000-NA

One of my biggest concern is the price, by the time of my my writing of this post , the devices i found cost more than $300. Asus wicast is priced at $199 , thats $100 cheaper already (and its worth it cause you can hook it up to any HDMI enabled devices. Its not attached to one device only.), i can spend that money  by adding it up to upgrade some of my appliances.

Next, usage of 2.4ghz frequency. Good thing Asus WiCast uses 5ghz + frequency so there's no problem interfering with my wireless telephony system and other wireless devices.

Another major major concern is the syncing of voice and video udring wireless playback. Asus wicast claims
Latency Free
WiCast supports latency free (less than 1ms) transmission, providing users with fluid and stutter-free playback of HD content. Low latency prevents “lip-sync” issues and enables smooth delivery of HD content.
It can transmit signals up to 33 feet which is more than enough for us considering that we don't have that much large area on our house, plus , quality is not degraded between room.

To summarize it, Asus wicast is what i've been looking for. It looks promising BUT I have yet to test this or saw in my own eyes the performance of this device on real world scenarios before I recommened this to everyone.

Here is a demo we found from youtube, brought to you by Asus and Amimon.


Product: ASUS WiCast
Model: EW2000-NA
SKU: Transmitter , Receiver
Color: Black
Interface: HDMI
Video: up to 1080p 60hz, under 1 ms latency
Audio: up to 8 channels
Wireless HDMI technology: WHDI
Transmission distance: 33 feet
Operation frequency: 5.15-5.85 ghz
Data rate: 3gbps
Power Supply: Transmitter: 5V, 2A 10W adapter, receiver: 5V, 2A 10W adapter
Power Consumption: Transmitter: 4.75W (powered by USB), Receiver: 10W
Input/Output:  Transmitter: 1 x HDMI port, 1 x mini USB, 1 x DC in, receiver: 1 x HDMI port ,1 x DC in
Accessory: Transmitter: 1 mini USB cable, 1 x HDMI cable , 1 x adapter, receiver: 1 x HDMI cable, 1x adapter
Weight: Transmitter: 0.242 lbs., receiver: 0.352 lbs.
Dimensions: Transmitter: 4.05 inches, (L) x 2.67 inches (W) x 1.12 inches (H), receiver: 4.13 inches (L) x 0.98 inches (W) x 4.9 inches (H)

To know more about the device, follow the link below
From Asus


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