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Globe launches cc: (email) like service , great but not for all

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Globe Telecom and SMS GupShup (an india based company which is world’s largest social SMS network where users are allowed to create mobile communities and broadcast messages to them) launched a "SMS Reply-all chat service" . The service enables subscribers to simultaneously communicated with several people through SMS.

This is the first time i've heard this kind of service so lets examine the details and its probable success in the country.

What is SMS Reply-all chat service

Are you familiar with cc: (carbon copy) functionality of email applications? The cc field dictates the email to be sent to the people entered on the cc: list aside from those specified on the to: list. In simpler words, the To tells the target recipients of the mail and the CC tells which people to keep informed on the conversation, much like an FYI.

So SMS Reply-All chat service works the same way, for SMS or text of course.  It lets user to send a message to multiple recipent. I know you have a question in mind and we'll get to that.

My phone has send to many feature, why would I need this

Ok ok, you got a phone with send to many feature, my phones got that too so whats the difference?
On our phones, we can send a message to multiple recipient by selecting multiple contacts before sending. The question now is , if they replied, are the other recipients we're also informed of his reply? To fully understand the scenario, lets take this example:

I, hihey wants to ask my barkadas (Daynasor Man, Kuya Bouncer and Lasing-na-waiter@nanbantei) to hang out on my place tomorrow night. If i use this service, this will be the result:

Send to many
I'll send a message "Guys, drop by my place tom night, drinks on me". 
Daynasor man replied "Got it, ill be there, who's coming aside from me"
Kuya Bouncer replied "I'll be a little late but i'd definitely go"
Lasing-na-waiter@nanbantei replied "cannot be, lasing much.." 
and i'll reply to Daynasor man that He and Kuya Bouncer already confirmed. 
and if Lasing-na-waiter@nanbantei also ask "whats the occasion" , i'll reply to him, and if daynasor man and kuya bouncer also ask the same thing (only a bit later) , i'll send the same answer.

But with
SMS Reply-all Chat
I'll send a message "Guys, drop by my place tom night, drinks on me". 
Daynasor man replied "Got it, ill be there, who's coming aside from me", the other two will also read the reply.
Kuya Bouncer replied "I'll be a little late but i'd definitely go", the other two will also read the reply.
Lasing-na-waiter@nanbantei replied "cannot be, lasing much.."  the other two will also read the reply. 

People won't ask you again whos coming and whos not. And if someone ask what's the occasion, one asnwer will do. Everyone's informed, real-time.
Got the point?

How it works

Any Globe subscriber can start a conversation by sending the following message to 2993: “CHAT 917xxxxxxx 905xxxxxxx 926xxxxxxx” (where 917xxxxxxx etc. are the numbers of friends).

The system will create a group and prompt the group creator to send the first message, which goes to all participants in the group. Participants can simply reply to the message - which will also be sent to all participants in the group

The group can have at most 10 participants, including the initiator. A message sent to the group will cost the sender P0.75 per recipient, and P1 for other keywords or commands.

The problem

This may work for the working class of people but definitely not for all students and people who want to save money.
This works great for the working class who doesn't mind getting billed multiple instances of  0.75/1 pesos for each message per recipient because all they want is an effective conversation.
This will not work for students who wants to save every money they have, who wants to spend only 20 pesos a day of unlimited texting.

but dont worry Globe plans to launch soon various daily and monthly UNLI plans as well.

Another problem is the usage of CODES, Filipinos, even myself are very reluctant to use Code based text messages because of the hassle of remembering codes and copy pasting of numbers from phone book to messaging (if your phone allows it, which mostly only mid to high end phones offer).

Another would be the limitation of 10 participants, 10 is just a small number of people. If i get to save more by using unlitxt instead then I'd do that. 10 people is fairly manageable.

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