Sunday, August 29, 2010

PIA (philippine information agency) hacked by chinese, maybe.

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the page which replaced the original PIA webpage during the hacking

PIA's website is hacked by someone named 7z1 today. The website's homepage is replaced by a chinese flag on top with black background and some words by 7z1 claiming to hack the website. News spread quickly on twitter. The website is taken down temporarily while being fixed at around 4:44pm and is  restored by 7pm today.

A google result page
Malacanang instructed all government agencies to re-validate and improve their network security. and re-assured that theirs are secure.
"We are adopting best practices to lessen the vulnerability of our websites to hacking and other cyber crimes," - Herminio Coloma, head of the Presidential Communications Office,
Via Phil Star, GMA news