Sunday, August 13, 2017

Fuel Consumption : Insane highway efficiency of Hyundai Tucson 2017 2.0 manual


Ok. So I'm back in Manila from the short out of town trip I did this weekend. I've previously published a post detailing the fuel consumption of the 2017 Hyundai Tucson 2.0 manual during a combination of heavy (stop and go traffic) and highway driving. This time, I wanted to know how efficient the car is if we have a theoretical pure highway cruising here in the Philippines. I decided to do the test went we are driving back to Manila from Los Banos, Laguna.


The bulk of this leg of the trip is mostly highway. It is only when I turned right to Magallanes (EDSA) when I started to drive a bit slower. I started the test from Shell Turbina Highway (just near Calamba exit of South Luzon Expressway) filling up my tank with Shell Vpower and resetting all trip meter and fuel consumption meters on the dashboard. It ended at Shell Ayala cor Edsa.
amber is light traffic, green is highway speed
Without further ado, here it is..

Full Tank Method

The dashboard trip meter displays a whopping 18.0km/L (!!!) when I arrived at Shell Ayala ave. It even went up on an average of 19.7km/L (!!!) when I'm still at SLEX. The reading only went down when I get to EDSA which is we know, is definitely slower than on SLEX.

OK, so I'vé driven 45.2km and used up only 1.947L of fuel! That's just about P91.00 worth of gasoline when I topped up.

so the actual measurement using full tank methos is 45.2km / 1.974L = 22.88km/L. HOLY MACKEREL!!!!!

that is equivalent to

53.62 in US MPG
64.40 in MPG
4.38 in L/100km

What sorcery is this?! 

Pardon my reaction, it's just that coming from one hell of thirsty car (Ford Escape 2.0 AT)  - it surprises me that we can achieve this kind of efficiency on a similarly large displacement engine SUV (and I believe 3rd generation tucson is also heavier than 1st gen escape).

Just want to reiterate, the best I got from my escape is around 9.something km/L . 22.88 is more than double of that!

I can't wait to bring this nice piece of technology up in La Union soon. I'm excited.

How did I do it?

I just maintained the speed between 80-90 km/h. I noticed on the live FC meter that this range is the best speed for maximum efficiency.

You have to take note though that this scenario won't happen most of our drive time. This is like the best driving condition we can drive the car so watch out for another test that I will do. A more realistic out of town fuel efficiency test soon.


Unknown said...

wow Sana ganun din ung Tucson 2018 manual na hihahatid sakin today Ng agent ko. :)

Hihey said...

Facelifted version na ba ung 2018?