Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ronald's Car Wash review at Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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We had our lunch today at Kapitolyo with friends, i took the opportunity to have Patotoy washed since there are many car wash shops in the vicinity. First shop I saw was Ronald's Car wash, I dont want to spend much time looking for others that is why I went to the shop. Beside its near the restaurant we are planning to eat.

Location is accessible
The shop is located along W Capitol Drive (near corner of W Capitol Drive and E Capitol Drive) at Kapitolyo Pasig, Just beside Aqua Safe and an emission testing center.
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Pricing is about right
Ordinary car wash is P100 (with tire black and vaccuum). I asked how much is a Car Wash with Wax, worker there said P600 (but with Engine Wash). I guess he didn't get my question. I paid P150 because I instructed them to also put an Armor All (that is what they call it) on my plastic bumper, fender, siding and rear bumper. That is what they priced me.

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Quality of work
Exterior My car is not thoroughly washed, I still see bird droppings not even removed. My plastic bumpers were not polished, they told me it was done but when i pointed out the plastic parts with white streaks thats the time they applied something. They didn't even apply it consistently. There are darker areas, while some parts has still the white marks (probably because of the shampoo used). The mags has still some dirts.

Interior Vaccuuming of the interior is good. Pet hair were removed and I believe I didn't lose any item inside the car as I left it while eating lunch. They also applied a chemical to my interior. The car smells bad when I got it (like a shirt that Worn multiple times by a sweaty guy without having a laundry, not even once). I'm not sure if its because of the chemical they put on or because of the guy who worked on my interior.

Waiting time Waiting time is relatively short, 2-3 people are working on my car.