Sunday, February 10, 2013

Swatch touch warranty - dead pixel

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I bought my yellow swatch touch wristwatch for P6,000 last may 2011. By january i notices some dead pixels on the left side of the watch' face. I planned on ignoring it but realized the damage is growing. Thats when i decided to get it replaced.

Went to SM Megamall yesterday and have it replaced. The people there are easy to talk with and they replaced the unit without any hitch. No additional charge. Now that is customer service. Anyway , there's a minor problem. There is no available yellow swatch touch at the moment. I have two options:
1. Wait for a stock , and theyll contact me (yellow swath touch are in demand)
2. Select another color.

I chose option 2. Guess what i color i selected. Hint, look below

Note: they only replace the watch part

Swatch MegaMall is located at Ground Floor SM MegaMall building B.

Swatch touch has 2 years warranty.

The belt/ban if Swatch touch is priced at P1,400 if you want to buy a separate one