Saturday, January 29, 2011

Buy online without credit card using Cashsense


Cashsense is a service-based payment processing company which embraces the advances made in technology within the financial sector to significantly improve cross and intra-border payment efficiencies.

Cashsense provide 3 services namely merchants (which is what this blog post will be talking about), Remittance and Payroll service.

Cashsense Merchants
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Sometimes, the things that you'd like to buy can only be found online. And aside from fear of being scammed out of your money, another thing that holds back filipinos to buy online is the convenience of paying. Most of the time, I'm discouraged on buying online due to lack of credit card support from several merchants (because of the cost associated with it) and the hassle of going to banks to pay in cash. Additionally, a large population of Filipinos do not have credit cards. I was able to talked to different kinds of people on different industry and to many, unlike for us I.T. professionals, other people are having a hard time getting approved with credit cards due to strict requirements being imposed by credit card companies.

Approximately 93% of Filipino’s do not have credit cards and need an alternative, cash-based method in order to buy goods and services online - Cashsense

How it works

Online stores or merchants  needs to sign up and implement their shopping cart system. Buyers just need to select their item get the reference number then show it to the nearest 7/11 or MLjuillier branches then pay the bill. Payment made are real time.

This service can be used on your existing multiply or facebook market pages.

Shoppers simply need to select items, check out, visit 7-Eleven or MLhuillier (with the provided reference number) and pay cash: Easy, quick, secure and inexpensive. There are no set-up/maintenance fees or other barriers to entry; up and running in minutes.

I tried to reach out to cashsense to get more information using their live chat but it no one answered. To know more about their services, check out


Gian Faye said...

I thought it's an alternative way to pay on online shops that only require credit cards but it seems like it's an online shopping mall, or isn't it? (I'm still exploring the site.) 

As I was just reviewing the requirements to apply for a credit card here in the Philippines, I really think only a small percentage could have those. :/

Gian Faye said...

Oh I see... Thanks for the response!