Wednesday, November 3, 2010 an alternative mobile interface for twitter, works nice on almost any large screen devices

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Interface of
Quoting from their website: is an online, mobile interface to twitter. features a simple, attractive, and easy to use design while supporting a wide variety of features.
I designed specifically for the Nokia N900 (Maemo 5), and think that it is one of the best Twitter clients for the N900. also works well on most other modern smartphones and mobile devices with a high resolution screen.

Basically this is not an application, but rather another website that lets you do twitter updates. No installation needed. Just head on to

Since my phone have panning gesture, i didnt need to use scroll bars to get to the upload button on the right
As you can see, its initially design for N900's resolution which is 800px x 400px so any phone with resolution lesser than that will have to use scroll bars (but its not a problem if your phone supports touch gestures such as panning and pinch to zoom).

Side to side comparison with original mobile twitter page
There's no advantage that I see with tweetgo over the mobile site of twitter aside from its cleaner-clutter free and minimalis look. And it's dark based design can provide more battery savings to amoled based displays.

With that said, you can use tweetgo if you're tired using twitter or just want to have a cleaner interface or just want to try something new. Tweetgo uses twitter's API to login so it should be safe to access your account using this web application.

If you want to try this out, just point your mobile browser to

Share your feedbacks on the comments below. :)

update: I now remember where i got this info, its from


search - landscape orientation

portrain orientation - you can see the scroll bars on the side and bottom :)
since my phone's display is only 640 x 360
zoomed portrait orientation to read the contents