Monday, November 29, 2010

Casio G-Shock C-Cube G-8100A-7DR Review


This is not one of your usual bulky g-shock watches that is known to mankind. Casio Gshock G-8100A-7DR is a digital watch that has the durability of analog gshock watches, minus the bulkiness. Its style is futuristic but simple so its easy to partner it with ordinary clothes or funky shoes.

It comes in different colors: all white, black, purple, steampunked (bronze), red, yellow, black on white ,green & blue.


World time (supports daylight saving time)
World time shows the current time in 48 cities (29 timezones) around the world.

Lets you measure elapsed time, split times, and two finishes. Also includes auto-start (5 second countdown before auto-starting stopwatch). During the final 3 seconds, a beeper sounds with each second.

Countdown Timer
Auto-repeat, if turned on, countdown restarts automatically from the countdown start time when it reaches zero for maximum of 8x.
Countdown timer also has beeper sounds.

Daily Alarm - alarm everyday at the time set
Date Alarm - alarm at specific time and date set
1-month Alarm - alarm everyday at the time set, only during the month configured
Monthly Alarm - alarm every month on each time and day set

While it doesn't have the big G button found on most g-shock watches, it has a steel circular button on the bottom of the watch the activates two EL (electro-luminescent) panels that glows the entire display for easy reading.

Auto light switch
This watch has auto light switch is turned on , it automatically turns on the backlight of the watch when turned on a certain reading angle. Auto light switch is disabled after 6 hours of turning it on to save battery.

Battery life is approximately 5 years.

Shock (motocross, chain saw operation, rock drill operation and so on) and Water Resistant up to 20 bars (splashes, rain, car washing, swimming, snorkeling, diving but not scuba diving).

The watch is very light and stylish. I chose white cause its easier to partner with almost all colors of my clothing and shoes.

Comes with lifetime service warranty. 1 year on mechanical parts and 6 months on battery. Store price is at P5,995.00 but I got mine on discounted price at Time Depot, SM North Edsa The block.


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