Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to use Facebook Group Chat

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Facebook has always been a great place to share information with your contacts. We already have wall posts (somehow similar to testimonials on friendster), you can also message your friends using the facebook chat or the private message function. You can also message a group of people, but have you ever think of something that is missing? How about group chat?

Facebook brings us the new Groups. Its a newer way to communicate with a group of people through  email or chat or message via facebook. You have control which message will appear to which people.

Anyway, here's how to utilize groups for group chat

1. Visit the Facebook Groups page
2. Create a group by clicking the Create Group button
3. Enter Group name, members and privacy settings

You can also change the default icon for easier remembering. You add members by start typing names and selecting from the list.
4. The group is now created and you can start group chatting with your members
Click chat with group to start chatting

Group chat in action

If you want to group chat again on the created group, just visit the Groups page of facebook and access the group you want to communicate with.

Hope this tutorial helps.

To know more about groups, visit the Help Center of Facebook

I wonder when will they add voice chat. Remember Facebook is in talk with skype for possible integration.

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