Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chit Chat - a desktop messenger application for Facebook chat (alternative)

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I'm really annoyed when ever i used the facebook's build in chat application and I cant send any message cause its telling me that my friend turned offline even though they did not (I used nimbuzz instead and logged in to FB chat using my cellphone, its easier). Good thing is that Mr Dan offer creator/owner of chit chat for facebook sent a tip via email about an alternative chat application.

Chit Chat is a free Facebook chat instant messenger (IM) that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends from your desktop.

So basically, Chit Chat is an application installed on your desktop. You can use it even if your not logged in to facebook on your  browser.

I'd feel safer if they used facebook connect as a way to log in. 
What makes this application neat is that it shows a notification in case you receive a message or a contact signs in or out. You can also save chat history.

Just be aware that the installation software will ask you to install RelevantKnowledge software, activity logging tool, which you may opt not to install ( I recommend you do not install that).

Download Chit Chat from their website.


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