Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nokia C6, C7, E7 specifications, and clarification of the released C6 and the new C6

C6-01 Data Sheet

C7 Data Sheet
E7 Data Sheet

For more technical specification please click the following link from GSM arena.

Let me also clarify the difference of C6 with C6-01

This is the C6
Image taken from GSM arena
 And this is the C6-01
Image taken from GSM arena
They're both plasticky in built (to keep the cost down) but the main difference is the freshier look for C6-01 and the lack of QWERTY keypad, and I forgot to mention the ClearBlack Display of C6-01.


hihey said...

I want n8 to have a qwerty keyboard instead :P

I feel like the 4" screen of e7 is too much for me. Well actually, its easier for me to choose e7 over n8 if not only because of the camera sensor of n8.

So i'll guess ill be sticking to n8 then, i just hope some 3rd party vendors manufactures a slide out bluetooth keyboard that as attachable to n8 :P

Pinaylover said...

Well, the main reason why I'm happy for not buying the N97 is that if i had done it, I would probably not have the budget anymore to buy the N8 and the new acquisition would have been much less justified anyway, lol.

hihey said...

I thought people from other countries are more likely to change phones every few months or years.. Cause I have a cousin living in UK and he changes phone almost every year (i think because of the plan he is subscribe to) but anyway, your correct, its not justifiable to buy multiple phones if your not subscribe to multiple sim cards.

Its common here in the philippines for people to have a "main" phone the one they use for their specific function (such as browsing, taking pic, games etc) and another 2nd phone, a cheaper one that is only used for texting and calling, usually bundled with unlimited plans or promos for texting and calling. 2nd phones are also the ones being used when roaming the streets or riding public transpos, so in case you lost it or someone stole it, its not that painful.. :P

Hihey said...

yea, thats why the corby pro, vivaz pro, x10 mini pro, (touchscreen with HW qwerty) are very sellable here in our country.

Its a good thing you didn't bought the n97, based on my experience it was slow/sluggish, dont like the camera quality and few apps to be installed. But dont get me wrong, i love that phone because it has everything i need.

What's very important to me is the ability to play around the device, be able to customize and everything. Its just that comparing it side to side with other smartphone shows its uncompetitiveness on some areas.

Pinaylover said...

I'm sure you would love a HW qwerty, considering how much you Filipinos use texting, hehe. And they say the one found on E7 is one of the best.

Not so long ago I was so tempted to buy a N97 mainly for its qwerty. Thanks God I didn't :D

But I'm curious about the Swipe thing. I never used it, but it might be the answer for my slow cellphone typing.

Pinaylover said...

Remember I live in Eastern Europe, where regular people don't have the same financial resources as the ones from western countries, but still i think even here they (especially young ones) change their phones every 2-3 years. I bought my current one more than two years ago and its about time to change it. Even my battery started to lose its capacity.

It's interesting what you say about filipinos using two phones. Over here i think this is not such a widespread practice, but i know there are still a lot of people using a second (or even a third) phone for business related numbers, like having a private cellphone and another one from their company, for business related calls.

As for me, I have all sort of minimalistic tendencies, lol, and using two phones (especially if i have to carry both of them with me) just isn't my thing. Actually that's one reason why I'm so eager to get the N8, because i will no longer have to carry my digicam with me (i need one even when i go in business trips). But of course, the downside of this will be that, if something like what you said in your last line would happen, it would be reeeally painfull ! :D

hihey said...

haha, and for the record, most of the people who have two phones are student. Beat that! but there's also the corporate people who have a business(given by the company) and a personal phone.

I also believe the minimalistic principle as you. thats why im really eager to have the n8 also. Imagine you have a gaming, internet, call and text, camera and even HTPC device on 1 unit. I'm also excited about the software nokia recently showed, the one turning our HDtv into virtual touchscreen using n8's camera.

Pinaylover said...

I wish N8 had that gorgeous 4" screen from E7.
Well, you can't have them all... :D

BTW, i think u forgot the link to the big picture of the E7 specs (its there for C6 and C7)

Pinaylover said...

Well, the main reason why I'm happy for not buying the N97 is that if i had done it, I would probably not have the budget anymore to buy the N8 and the new acquisition would have been much less justified anyway, lol.