Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nokia C6, C7, E7 joins N8 on the S^3 bandwagon, boast Clear Black Display, hints on upcoming meego devices

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Nokia officially announces the addition of 3 new devices on their device portfolio. Joining N8 are C7, C6 and E7. These 3 devices are all touchscreen based while e7 has the only slide out QWERTY keyboard from the 3.These devices have superior build quality and improved Experience, that's why Nokia is very proud of it.

While N8 is the highest-End phone, and is targeted to techie people, the E7's main audience is business people who uses their digital lives to create emails and various documents. C6 and C7 on the other hand intended where intended to be sold on the mainstream masses.
“N8 is a feature-packed product and from every technical specification, it’s superior”.
E7 will be priced more than N8 but C7 and C6 will be below it. Shipping of products are expected during the end of the 4th quarter of 2010.

 Know more about these devices.
On this side, an interview from Anssi Vanjoki of nokia, teases on the new meego device
When we introduce some more products on Symbian, keep improving the software and then when we stun the world with our MeeGo products. That’s all that it takes

New Display

Another highlight of the new devices is the CBD (clearblack display) which rivals the iPhone's Retina Display and Samsung's Super Amoled. Basically CBD is like a better amoled display , that performs well under sunlight.

This is a 'polarized' AMOLED, and Nokia says that the CBD performs better outdoors than a normal AMOLED

Comparison of CBD and Retina Display
Comparision of CBD and Super Amoled