Wednesday, September 8, 2010

N8 free at 2.4k per month for 24 months at UK [update]

Nokia n8 is pretty damn cheap on UK.

According to Nokia Direct (official Nokia Retail) the Nokia N8 is available to buy on contract with O2, Vodafone and T-Mobile. The N8 is free on a 24 month contract, at 35GBP per month.
and free HDMI cable too.

35 GBP is equivalent to 2.4k pesos (but if its in euros, it will be equivalent to 1.9k pesos) and usually, high end phone here in PH are only free at plan 2500 or more.

Lucky Britons.

update: GBP is british pounds, I interchange it with euros . Thanks again to pinaylover.
update 2: I'm getting confused caused the quotation says the cost in GBP but the screenshot shows the euro sign. But anyway , euro or GBP it is, its still damn cheap.

Anyway, hopefully this will be the same price by the time it landed here in PH (cross fingers on sept 30).

From My Nokia Blog , Mashable


Pinaylover said...

Well, it's actually not 35 euro but 35 GBP (British pounds), which makes it around 2400 pesos.

Pinaylover said...

You are not ignorant at all my friend, that's why I keep coming here :D
Just maybe a bit hasty sometimes, in your hurry to bring us fresh news from the world :P

But I admit that little GBP sign (£) from the screenshot can be easily confused with the euro one (€).

Hihey said...

aw. Sorry for being ignorant. :P I thought they were the same. Thanks again.

Hihey said...

ok. Now it makes sense, the letter L like symbol is the pound and the letter E is the euro sign. Hahah. Funny me