Thursday, September 23, 2010

Killer iPods or other gadgets, people tend to ignore these warnings

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I've decided to post something about this topic because its becoming alarming that deaths caused by , not necessarily iPods, but also other media players are rising.

I did a research on some famouse incidents and here is the list:
1. Man killed by a plane while listening to iPod
A man in Georgia who was running on the beach on Hilton Head Island, S.C., listening to his iPod, was struck and instantly killed by an airplane that had lost its propeller and was making an emergency landing.

2. A 46-year-old Sydney woman who walked in front of  speeding ambulance on Saturday night while "reportedly wearing headphones" 

3. Just now , 12-Year-Old Killed by Train While Listening to His iPod 
2-Year-Old boy Caesar Muloki was killed yesterday by a New Jersey Transit train at 3:15pm. According to the train's engineer, Muloki was listening to his iPod and had his back to the train as he crossed the tracks.

and many more.

Aside from pedestrian cause accidents, there are also other ways on how your iPod or other similar electronic device can hurt or even kill you.

1. Epileptic Seizures
2. Pants on fire - gadget which caught fire or explosion maybe due to circuity or heat
3. Pacemaker interference
4. Cancer - for devices that are made from highly cancer causing materials

We bear witness to this event, we're lucky that we are still alive. Maybe it's time we consider the warning given.

Don't turn the volume too loud. Leave room to hear your surrounding. I've been expose to this accident many times already, sometimes almost being hit by a speeding tricycle. Also, before buying a device, research about it's safety , precautions and risks. It'll take time but its better than being a headline on the news tomorrow.