Monday, August 23, 2010

Quirino grandstand hostage feedback

Earlier this morning, I thought I had a great mishap to start the day when the MRT cart I'm riding suddenly stop causing people to be thrown in front literally (and me taking all the force with only 1 hand holding on to the rails cause I'm the one on the right most part of the cart) but to my dismay, a worse thing has yet to happen...

I'd like to share some information from different people, about the hostage taking crisis that happened earlier . (honestly I have no idea that something that awful has already happened, if not for my officemates though).  Various numbers of killed individuals have been released by the media but according to the latest update, the number is not yet final as the police are still rounding nearby hospitals for statistics.

People's feedback

An analysis from redkinoko:

1. Firearms were used to take out the wheels of the bus. Rule #1 in hostage takings - no unnecessary shots.
2. Too much media coverage. The hostage taker listened to the radio while inside the bus. Of COURSE HE KNEW WHAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN. Rule #2 in hostage takings: Media blackout.
3. Usage of hammers to breakdown the door. The door of a bus is designed to withstand 50Gs of instantaneous force or more. A hammer will do nothing to break it in one hit. There's an emergency lever under the bus that can be used to open the door. Nobody knew about it. Instead, they proceeded to hammer all sides of thefucking bus like it's a pinata.
4. Teargas concentrates can kill hostages and hostage takers alike. Tossing it in a zero ventilation environment is about as reckless as it gets.
5. Ununiformed officers ran too and from the scene, creating unnecessary chaos.
6. Flash photography from the dimwitted mediamen created confusion and unnecessary distractions
7. SWAT didnt even use hand signals. They were shouting for crying out loud.
8. There was no armored cover. A vios, really? WHAT CAN A TOYOTA DO AGAINST A RIFLE ROUND?
9. Zero crowd control. By the time the ordeal was over, reporters arrived at the bus even before the medics did, and never left. The medics had a hard time entering the area.
11. M16 rifles used for CQB. Anybody with a remote knowledge in urban close quarters should know better.
12. Flashbangs are used once, just before entry. Tossing loads of them into a crowed-filled bus will not kill the hostage taker.
13. Incompetence, sheer incompetence.

Facebook updates:

"What aggravated him to take lives? nagpapalaya na sya e... tas bigla na lang syang nagwala? may nagtrigger sa kanyang mamaril... bitkitma din sya ng di tamang patakaran ng ating kapulisan." - Deng

"Naisip ko lang. Ms.Universe bukas.. Baka itanong sa Ms.Philippines kung anong masasabi nya sa nangyaring hostage taking ngayon. :|" - Amer

"Wake up call yan ni Rolando Mendoza sa ating kapulisan. Ipinakita nya lang ang mga kasiraan ng PNP. Parang kay Ivler lang eh. 50 NBI agents vs 1 Jason Ivler. Ngayon SWAT team + PNP Special Units + Mga naka-unipormeng nagsisiksikan sa likuran ng bus na makarinig lang ng putok, imbes na pumalag, ay kanya-kanyang pulasan." - Marvin


"Traumatized - Even though I was just sitting on a sofa and witnessing the incident happening on the Quirino.." - Marc

"I think unnecessary na yung "special" TV coverage ng ABS-CBN re: Quirino Tragedy. Hindi pa ba sapat yung kanina? Talk about sensationalizing " - Artikulo

Hongkong's Reaction

Hong Kong issued its top-level black travel alert for the Philippines on Monday after at least five Hong Kong tourists were killed in a bus hijack in Manila by an armed ex-policeman.

one big AW for our economy and tourism

Other Comments (international)

‎"Philippines - worst country to go" - CNN 

"An act of one person is not an act of the Philippine citizentry. Why condemn the entire nation!" - Andz

I also found an entry already from wikipedia


mark said...

citizenry, not citizentry

Anonymous said...

OMG hongkong's reactions is way too overexagerrated.... im a Filipino.. i have relatives who work as a domestic helper on hongkong. they are also being abused by their employers... every month cases like rape, slavery and even homicide of filipino domestic helpers are evident in hongkong,,, 7 dead HK nationals is still not enough to pay the abuses made by HK! but philippines just remained silent about it,,, HK ur own pls dont overexaggerate you also have your own faults!!!!

Hihey said...


You have a point there.