Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The President launch a new / revamped website, aims at Filipino youth

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The president launch(should I say re-launch) a website (made using microsoft software-.asp, its better if they supported open source software instead) that aims to connect with the Filipinos specially the youth.  There's a 3 page animated advertisement area where in the president is re-iterating his popular words used during the campaign and serves as the theme of his administration.

Kayo ang BOSS ko. <- public service
Iba na tayo ngayon, bagong Pilipinas. <- Betterment of the country
and lastly
Piliin natin ang daang matuwid. <- Change and anti-corruption 

There's a page dedicated to displaying Filipino's individual oath (Panata ng pagbabago) of their own way on contributing with the improvement of the country and a facebook-like wall post/feedback page where Filipino can write their hopes, requests, suggestions and comments for the president and the government.

There is also a page called "Tito Noy" , which encourages even the young (by age or by heart :P) to contribute to the change in their own ways. As future leaders of our nation, clearly, PNoy wants the Filipino children to be involved already with the government or politics.

Check the website at  President.gov.ph