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PLDT AppFarm , the first cloud computing service in the philippines

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I believe PLDT is targeting SMEs , because usually this type of businesses are the ones who are skeptical in terms of infrastructure upgrade or implementation and the cost associate with it. With these, it would be cheaper for SMEs to deploy or undeploy applications and infrastructure on demand without having to maintain their own setup, which means easier for them to use and easier for the provider to support. Of course, the never ending question of security and privacy would still  boggle the executives of the businesses who will avail this service.

Head on to to get a glimpse on what PLDT has to offer. 

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PLDT launches first cloud computing services in RP

MANILA, Philippines, August 6, 2010 – The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) recently launched the first cloud computing services in the Philippines through the PLDT AppFarm brand.
“Cloud” is a network infrastructure that could utilize the public internet or a private corporate network shared among a pool of users. By delivering applications “in-thecloud,” PLDT AppFarm drastically simplifies the deployment of IT services by eliminating elaborate software, hardware, and system investments usually needed to run these applications.

“PLDT AppFarm offers new value to its customers by lowering total IT infrastructure and management costs. As a result, companies will be able to refocus their IT efforts to further improve bottom line performance,” said Eric Alberto, PLDT Senior Vice President and Customer Sales and Marketing Group Head.

“Most of the value found in-the-cloud relies on the diverse strengths of infrastructure, platform, and software service providers. PLDT AppFarm serves to fuse together the broad expertise from integration partners to bring powerful and proven solutions to your organization,” said Nerissa Ramos, PLDT first vice-president and Corporate Business Group head.

“This model allows for enterprise flexibility while ensuring non-disruptive cloud adoption,” Ramos added. One of the initial services that are growing out of PLDT AppFarm will deal with document management where customers can store, organize, and more importantly, secure all their pertinent documents and files. Another application will deal with managed web security, which will deliver ubiquitous protection from internet threats to all PC users of any organization.

These are examples of Software-as-a-Service, which is currently the most popular service delivery model of cloud computing. Thousands of customers can use these helpful applications from just one portal, and they can do so without any upfront investment in servers or software licensing. Eventually, PLDT AppFarm will deliver development platforms as a service. Programmers will then be able to build their own applications running on the PLDT AppFarm that they can deliver to their own customers.

PLDT AppFarm solutions will be offered immediately on a subscription basis bundled with PLDT’s broadband and private networking services. Visit for more details.

About PLDT
PLDT is the leading telecommunications service provider in the Philippines. Through its three principal
business groups – wireless, fixed line, and information and communications technology – PLDT offers
the largest and most diversified range of telecommunications services across the Philippines’ most
extensive fiber optic backbone and wireless, fixed line and satellite networks.
PLDT is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE:TEL) and its American Depositary Shares are
listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:PHI). PLDT has one of the largest market capitalizations
among Philippine-listed companies.
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PLDT Product Manager
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