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Philips SHB6110 bluetooth stereo headphones review [pictures added]

Philips SHB6110

Just recently bought a philips shb6110 from a fellow tipidcp-er ( for a real bargain price of P *,***.00 (secret :P)  from a market price of P 4,699.00. Actually, I'm choosing between a Jabra Halo and Philips SHB9000 but the opportunity of buying shb6110 for a very cheap price makes me choose it instead.

Jabra Halo
Philips SHB9000

By the way, I have upgraded to Philips SHB9000 more than 1 year ago. But I'm still keeping my trusty SHB6110 for intense activities like jogging.


Easy to pair (tested with Nokia e71).
Long range - 10m, i've tried listening to music while walking on the office and leaving the phone of my desk, the quality of sound only degrades after 5-6 cubes (we have pretty big cubicles at the office so 10m is somehow accurate)

Max range between iPhone 4s and Philips SHb6110 headphone - How far is the bluetooth connectivity test


I'm not an audiophile but I can say that the sound quality is great. I have tried the SHB9000 (its a nice headphone with deep bass) and SHB6110,although smaller, doesn't differ much in sound quality. Good passive noise cancellation, you can hardly hear what the people around you are talking about even at lesser volumes.

It also has the Full Sound feature , a smart algorithm that improves the sound quality, stereo effect bass and treble and less distortion that is run on the chip integrated on the headphone.

I also tested the call quality and according to the person on the other line, my voice is clear and there's less background noise(but I want to hear it myself).


The specification rates the talk/music playback time to 14 hours. I haven't recorded the actual hours of my usage before recharging the headphones again, i'll just give you a scenario. I started using the headphones, music listening, by 6pm (after a 6 hours initial charge) at the office, leave the office at 9pm and arrive at home by 10pm (almost continuous usage for 4 hours). The next day i started using the headphones again 10am, going to the hospital and stayed there till 3pm (lots of waiting) then head the groceries to buy snack stocks then to office afterwards (lots of travel time). The headphone battery died at around 6pm so that's almost 8 hours of continuous heavy usage (music playback and calls, i only turn the thing off during the lunchtime,15 mins, and doctor consultation, 3 doctors x 5 mins on average). That's roughly 12 hrs close to 14 rated hours. You can get more playback time if you turn the Full Sound off.


You can adjust the headset for more comfortable fit. You can move anyway you want without dropping the headphones. Its almost perfect for gym or intensive physical activities if not only for the ear foam (it will get soaked with sweat) so for gym lovers or runners etc, try another headset such as motorkr s9, s9-hd.  or nokia bh-505.

Package Contents
USB Charger
CD , i think this is a quick start guide.

Some Issues 

Update 1: I haven't manage to answer yet a call successfully using the answer button on the headphone. Need to test this more. Just click the [Play] button once to answer a call. Tried and tested. click [Play] again to disconnect from a call or just wait for it to be disconnected.
Update 2: Having a hard time unpairing the headphone from my e71 to test the pairing on other devices such as iPhone 3gs and e72. I just didn't read the manual correctly, unpairing is not needed, this headset can remember 2 paired devices. If you want to connect the shb6110 to another device just turn off the headset and then press [Play] button until the LED indicator becomes an alternating blue and red light.
Cannot lay my head comfortably on car (headrests) because of the neckband (actually depends on the position and style of the headrest).
Only has USB charger, so you need to have access to USB slots to charge. If you need to charge the headphone on places without computers, you need to buy a a power plug with USB adapter.
Update 3: When full sound™ is turned on, there are "certain" occassions where in the bluetooth headset suddenly turns off even if its not yet low in battery. Its not always happening so its not really a problem. Or you can just turn off full sound™. I can hardly notice the difference if its on or off anyway, aside from that ,battery life is also extended.

I updated this post just to give an idea on how this device is working after 4 months of use, its still working perfectly. There's no obvious wear and tear even though its used everyday. Battery life is still long (headset is charged almost 2-3x a week).  The ear foam is still looking new. I'm impressed that this is still working without so much problem even though there are times that its getting some splash of water from rain.


After 4 months, it still looked brand new


Anonymous said...

Hello... I also have this one... but I don't know how to charge it.. the manual says the LED will become red when charging.. but in my case the LED is turn off.. do i need to turn on this stuff before charging? please help... thanks

Hihey said...


You don't have to turn on the device to charge. Once you insert the usb charger the LED light will turn blue once or twice then will steady to red light.

If the lights is not working, try to use other USB slots of your computer or try to user another mini-usb cable (the cable might be cutted inside due to too much tie or curling for storage).

Tell me about your updates

Leiscottlim said...

I have one for this., pretty cool stuff., I've been using this for almost a year. If I'm going to rate this product from 1 to 10, I rate it 10. Perfect for my gadgets (iphone, ipod, computers, and my other bluetooth devices) ^_*

Hihey said...

as of today, i've been using the phone almost everyday for 6 months and i can say that the battery life is still great.

Emilgeorge said...

good,informative review

reza said...

hi, i have same headset for 1 year,when full sound is on, the quality of sound's bass degrade!  do you have same problem?

Hihey said...

Hi reza,

I dont experience that problem. Actually the sound seems to be better in terms of bass when in full sound. The only negayive i experience with full sound is that the headphone randomly turns off. That is why i do not usually turn on full sound.

No problems with full sound withy shb9000

ipad accessories said...

It''s quite impressive.

Hihey said...

how you bought one also?