Saturday, September 25, 2010

Envisioning my home network - close to completion


I'd like to share how I envision our home network would be and how close we are to completing.
Basically, my goal here to remove as much wires as possible to be able to make the devices portable and easy to set up (wireless). I want that the devices can be able to connect anywhere in the house. Of course there are connections where in you can't remove the physical wires,for now (such as hdmi pc-hdtv, dvi pc-monitor, outside phone line to filter, dsl modem cat5 cable to wireless router etc).

Network elements
Looking closely on the diagram , you will see the following devices:
1. Data/Voice filter - this is the one that filters the voice line and dsl line from the single telephone line
2. phone line splitter - used to connected several phones such as corded and cordless phones
3. Telephone
4. Cordless phone
5. Wireless router - heart of my network
6. CPU with Bluetooth / wlan
7. Wireless keyboard and mouse
8. LCD monitor
10. Surround sound speakers
11. Smartphones
12. Laptop - none yet (no plan on buying soon)
13. Gaming system - none yet (plans on buying one depending on budget)

As you can see from the list and the diagram. I'm almost complete with my design. The only thing that is missing is the laptop/tablet and gaming system (you can also from the list why we don't have one yet).

There are still improvements
I'm looking into some possible ways (wireless speaker adapter kit, wireless display from intel etc) in order to connect the surround sound speakers wirelessly, as well as the monitor and HDTV. I've found a device that can be used but they're too expensive right now and are using the 2.4ghz band (same frequency our cordless phone, keyboard, and microwave are using). Also , there are issues when it comes to syncing of voice and visual information(speakers and display) when data is transferred wirelessly. until this things are ironed out already, i guess we'd be sticking to wired connection for the speakers and displays for now.

Any suggestions?

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Jannu Toledo said...

here's my current setup:

To fully enjoy your home network you might want to look up DLNA and the Tomato Firmware for wireless routers. If you have answers regarding my setup feel free to ask.

Jannu Toledo said...


hihey said...

so you almost have a fully wired set up, i want to get away with cables.. Anyway, im sorta interested on the tomato firmware, is it better than dd-wrt? My router is netgear WGRT-624. Im not sure if it can be flashed with custom firwmwares and im not comfortable too on doing it. Im afraid i might brick my device. but im really looking into upgrading the firmware the firmware to improve performance. I just dont know when and how.

Jannu Toledo said...

True that! I bricked and had my router replaced multiple times. Good thing I experimented first on a cdrking wireless router. For me tomato firmware is better and much simpler to setup compared to dd-wrt. With tomato I can do the following:

1. Download torrents without a pc using Handbrake
2. Stream multimedia to devices connected to the network (ps3, pc, smartphones) using Twonky or Media tomb
3. Print sharing
4. Web server (I haven't actually perfected this yet but it works!)
5. File Sharing

Hihey said...

the problem is that my router is out of warranty, so if I accidentally brick this damn device with led and antenna, i'll have to replace it with new one.