Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wil Dasovich is diagnosed with this dreaded sickness... :(

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A year ago, I was very ill to the point that I'm not allowed to go to work and just rest for 2-3 weeks. I don't have anything much to do back then. I stumble at his youtube channel and was amused by how unique the vlog was. It kept me entertained and refocus my energy on recovering and being happy instead of just thinking about what I feel. The vlog just got this different kind of "kulit" that it'll make you smile and forget about problems.

And now this. I am sincerely very sad that I saw this video and learned that the reason why he is experiencing bleeding and all of the nasty stuff he describes on his previous video is because of...
I actually wrote the illness, but i realized its better if he's the one who's going to tell you. So i've updated this blogpost and removed it. Just watch the video :'( at around 8:24
I was actually hoping that he will reveal this as a prank soon, but it doesnt look like its going that route.

I wish he gets well soon. I've known people who overcome this dreaded thing and I know he can do it as well.

His request is for his viewers to like and subscribe to his Youtube channel. Having an audience who watches him fulfill his wish of reaching to more people to influence and entertain is what makes him happy, and stronger and this time.

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