Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Maximize your mobile internet usage, save more money - from Smart (may also apply to other networks)

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Smart provided several tips on maximizing mobile internet using our mobile phones while saving prepaid credits or postpaid balances. Although most of the tips targeted for smart users, these tips also applies to other network and may be used as a reference on how to avoid unexpected data charges.

1. Most wifi enabled phone connects automatically to smart's network once wifi becomes unavailable. If you are not subscribe to unlimited mobile internet, you will be charged P10 for every 30 minutes.

2. Widgets usually automatically connects to the internet. Familiarize your self with the widgets installed on your device and see which ones are utilizing internet connection and which are not to avoid unplanned data charges. Set the internet connection to "always ask" before connecting.

3. Some phones have hotkeys that automatically connects to the internet (example are nokia t9's keypad number 0). To avoid accidental charges, set your phone's homepage to a free url such as m.smart.com.ph for smart subscribers.

4. If you are using your phone's mailbox, set the syncing of messages to manual sync to have control when you will incurr data charges

5. Turn off blackberry data services when not it use.

6. When you're outside the country, you can use the network of your telco's partners (but be aware that roamning data charges are very expensive and you can opt not to use them). Deactivate Data roaming if you will not be using it if you are planning on leaving the country.

7. If you subscrive to blackberry packages, you should receive 4 messages. The 4th message is the provisioning message, that will configure your phone to be able to use blackberry services.

8. Blackberry unlimited packages are not advisable for roaming users. They are best enjoyed here in the philippines.

9. Smart offers unlimited data packages that suits your internet needs. (see all unlimited data packages from all networks here)

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