Friday, July 16, 2010

Kuya's at the fort / Jed & Julian's

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Kuya's menu

Kuya's offer different types of food such as Spanish, Filipino, Mediterranean, Italian while Jed & Julian's is the one responsible for the burgers. I'm not sure on what kind of partnership these food establishments are into but they're both located on 1 restaurant.  

I ordered beef shawarma with fries + calamansi juice. That's 140 + 80 = 220 pesos. The beef shawarma is made up of large chunks of beef meat unlike the types of shawarma you can buy on food carts which meats that are finely chopped. Potato fries are cutted too thick. I like fries that are thin and crispy outside and tasty inside. The fried fries I ate tastes like boiled potato.

Most of my team mates bought the classic fat burger. I'm pretty sure they loved that burger. I wasn't able to taste it but according to them its very tasty. Thick burger patty (approx an inch thick, hence the name "classic fat burger"), buns and chili con carne, "sulit na sulit" would be the perfect  term at only P110.00 . Certified BEST DEAL.

Kuya's at the fort / Jed & Julian's
21 Bayani road, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
call 889-0240 / 7828202

Has 2nd floor function room with full karaoke system (videoke too) that can hold up to 30 people.

Budget: P100 - P300 - Kuya's - Jay & Julian's

Map Location


Parking Area in front

 Outdoor area

Indoor area (fully airconditioned) - that door leads to the outdoor area

Tables and chairs used (beware of the placemats, some have foul smell, i suggest you tell the waiter to remove the placement if you encounter one)

Other sets of tables and chair

The wall looks neat. They're furnished with paintings, and ~ I'm not sure if the one displayed above is a carpet.

Kuya's view across the street. Fronting the parking area and the Bayani Road